Gallery & Testimonials


"Absolutely fantastic! Played some amazing retro games at the ItsMuchMore stand at the OLL 2022 games convention in Norwich!

James is a wonderful person and knows his stuff! The Daytona fastest lap challenge was great fun!"


"Superb entertainment with an excellent variety of gaming delights. James runs things seamlessly enduring everyone is having a fun time. There are systems and games for all ages, and with some healthy competitions thrown in, it’s a very fun experience. Even the equipments was extremely clean with the team regularly sanitising it. Couldn’t ask for more and i hope to enjoy the ItsMuchMore experience again soon!! "

Edward R

"Great event at Geek Retreat hosted by ItsMuchMore. James was very helpful and has so much knowledge about all of the games. Great games, good kit, good monitors and good service. I'll be attending another event again in the future. "

Hayley C

"Having ItsMuchMore retro games and challenges really gave the event a focus and was a real social hub for attendees. The team were friendly and welcoming and always on hand to guide new comers to the system and chat with old hands. Great stuff! "

Neil S

"James is a great host and has some amazing games to play. Thoroughly recommend "


"Upon reaching the stand I was amazed to see all the gaming goodness on offer. My eyes were drawn to Tomb Raider on the Dreamcast. The team were very informative about it, let me sit down and play for as long as wanted. They helped me set up what game I wanted to play gave me a little background on it all and away I went having fun. I will say it was the cherry 🍒 on the cake for the day before I left. I really enjoyed myself at OLL22 and more so playing all the systems available. Hats off to the team for doing a fantasic great job "

Sean C

"An awesome stand at OLL gaming convention! Loads of games to play and the Daytona fastest lap challenge was great fun. "

Tim M

"Attended the GTB takeover event, was awesome! James does a lot of hard work in the community and events, can’t wait to attend more! "