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What is a Retro Gaming Setup?

Good question, our retro gaming setups include a retro gaming console, some controllers and a collection of games, if you don't have any screens or televisions to display them on, no problems we can deliver those too.

As standard we'll have a member of our team to get things started by setting up our equipment in your chosen location, plus be on hand throughout the day to make everything runs to plan. Once your event is completed, the team will pack the equipment away.

Planning a retro gaming event for your pub night? or a gaming themed sporting session but only want say.... football games? Great! we can cater for that just get in touch with your idea we'll see how we can help. 

✅All equipment has been PAT tested regularly

✅For peace of mind we're fully insured

Retro Consoles

Gaming Peripherals

Classic Favourites

Time to play the GAME!

Retro is the name of our game, and we've got a range of consoles across the ages, if it's the classic 90s console wars you're looking for then we've got those, if the 16bit battle isn't what you're after we've got consoles with a little bit more power! Remember it's retro, just to keep things simple.

The quickest way to get in contact with us is by using our booking form. You can tell us about your event plans and what you're looking for, plus we'll let you know our availability and pricing. Our minimum bookings are 2 hours slots and you can hire between 2-8 consoles, but if you're planning a large scale event and need more gaming goodness let us know.

You're the controller

If control pads are soooo old skool (even for retro) and you wanted to Breakout from the norm, we've got a collection gaming peripherals for a selection of consoles:

Get in touch and let us know what you've got in mind.

The Bigger Picture

Seeing is believing or so they say, our retro gaming setups are supplied with 23-Inch Samsung LCD televisions or 22-Inch EIZO Flatscreen Monitors as standard however, if you wanted to be on the big screen we're able to provide a HD LED projector, to showcase any of the games on a larger scale so everyone can feel part of the action, let us know what you want to add to your event.