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Here at ItsMuchMore we're passionate about retro gaming but more importantly bringing people together to enjoy them!

We offer something a little different for hire - Relive memories or make new ones with our Retro Gaming Setups for your event or any occasion. Ask us a question or enquire about bookings, get in touch

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There are times when candles and cakes aren't to everyone's taste but you want to keep everyone entertained, well why not add a slice of Retro Gaming to the mix - it's different we know but hey it might just work.

If it's a corporate event you're hosting or want to add more fun to a community fun day in Nottingham get in touch, if you've got something else in mind reach out we just might be able to help. 

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We know planning an event can at times be stressful but fear not, our team will give you peace of mind by setting up our equipment upon arrival and be on hand throughout the day to make sure everything runs smoothly, we'll even pack our equipment away at the end of your event in a timely manner.