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#Xmas12Games Christmas Cracker – 25 Games on Offer to win in our Extended 48 hour #PC #Steam #Origin #GOG #Giveaway

Considering its Christmas, we thought instead of going too overboard with the giveaway, and considering we have given out over 120 games in the last 11 days, we’ll calm things down a bit, let you all spend some time with the family and JUST THROW 25 GAME GIVEAWAYS AT YA!!

field12Sorry i got a little excited there, even though the games might not be in the numbers of the Christmas Eve special yesterday, where we gave out 38 games, today we are giving out some absolute crackers of AAA titles on the likes of Steam, Origin, and GOG, so keep an eye out for all the games on offer today.

Also just to note the first 25 games we have listed on Twitter are all steam only, keep an eye on things for origin and gog codes too.

This will be extended to run until 2300 on Boxing day, to give everyone a chance, who may not have checked twitter today as spending time offline, to come on tomorrow, and have a look whats on offer.

This will be mainly on Twitter but look out for a Facebook competition, so look out for them on both platforms.

You can only win 1 set of games from the comp today, but if you have won on previous days, you can still win on today’s new comp! Also remember you have to RETWEET and FOLLOW the @ItsMuchMore account so we can DM the winners, or LIKE and SHARE on Facebook to promote the offer.

Good Luck