There has been a lot of concern about the looks of the upcoming new Microsoft console Xbox One, and we for one, or should that be for two, no, we for one are also concerned, that it looks like a piece of equipment that we threw out in the 90s. Microsoft have released a video explaining its design choices.

Here’s what a few of the people in the know, behind some of the meaning of the looks of the Xbox One, had to say

“Xbox has always had something to say. It’s always been bold with a strong personality,” says Carl Ledbetter, Creative Director, Industrial Design. “Xbox One needs to serve our most loyal gaming fans and deliver unique entertainment experiences, so its design has to make an appropriate statement that reflects its capability as an all-in-one entertainment system.”

“We wanted to think from a holistic perspective,” said Ramiro Torres, Creative Director of Design on Xbox One. “When designing anything on Xbox, you have to consider everything from the way the hardware and user interface looks, to the way the box and branding is expressed. Everything has a role in the way you experience a brand.”

Ahhh all on one entertainment, its a nit within the Xbox family,  and will be your all in one unit, It will play Blu Ray, Xbox One Games, Xbox 360 Games, Second Hand Games, Previously Downloaded Digital Games, TV, Live TV, Movies, Movies Downloaded Though Xbox Store, VCRs, Music, Friends Borrowed Games, DVDs, and much much more. Its your all in other one.