Microsoft have announced that they will be dropping the price of the Xbox One console, only around 3 months after its release.

The console is currently priced at £429, but will drop to the still eye watering price of £399 this Friday 28th Feb in the UK, to go in line with the PS4. However when you see that the massively anticipated title Titanfall will be bundled with the console, this makes it an acceptable deal. Titanfall has currently just experienced a very successful Beta, and I’m sure a lot of non Xbone owners may very well be tempted to finally jump ship, considering how great the beta has looked and the buzz that its generated on various social media sites. Titanfall is released on March 11th, so you can purchase the bundle from this Friday, but you will not get the game until its release.



Oddly, the Titanfall Xbox One console bundle comes with a standard console, controller and chat headset, as well as a digital copy of Titanfall and a 1 month Xbox Live Gold membership. Like Xbox One consoles at large from February 28th onwards, it’ll retail for £399.99 and will be out alongside the launch of Titanfall in March. Its a shame that there is no custom Xbox One, and even the lovely looking Titanfall controller, but oh well, its still a good starting point even if the game is not a physical copy.

titanfallmarch11The PS4 can be bought with no game at £349, and is currently out selling the Xbone 2-1 but with Titanfall bundled here, this may certainly help boost sales.

At the end of the day though, the gamers win, the current Xbone players have been enjoying the next generation for a few months, and the same goes for the players on Sony’s PS4 who have been enjoying the ultra next gen lift for a while now, and with this price drop, only more players will join the next gen party.

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