Nottingham’s Rushcliffe Arena plays host to the third show of UK promotion WrestleGate Pro. A new vein of promotion, with a mature audience in mind. With exciting presentation and in-ring style reminiscent of Japanese promotions Dragongate, AJPW and New Japan Pro Wrestling. Talent from across the world arrived in the city of legends. Selling out beyond its seating to a large number of standing.

With the main event pitched to be PAC/Neville, the current Dragongate champion with a 20-month un-defeated legacy since exiting WWE in 2017 to forge his own path, recently signed with AEW. Against UK highflying legend Jodie Fleisch and World of Sport Wrestling superstar Robbie X. Who it was announced earlier in the night was still travelling to the venue. Robbie X pulling a double duty night, yet an injury hampered his main event spot.

PAC took the mic cutting a scathing promo. A horse began to gallop on the video scenes before Hangman Page strutted out to utter astonishment of the crowd, the roof erupted with chants of Holy Sh*t! PAC and Hangman went at it with a stunning personal impromptu bout that is supposed to happen at AEWs upcoming Las Vegas show “Double or Nothing” on May 25th. The match instead went down here in Nottingham! Sending Reddit and Twitter buzzing in frenzy.

A night of great action and excellent storytelling. Bad Bones and Cara Noir drew emotion. Showstealer Nathan Cruz and Lucas Steel vs Kings of the North both teams brimming full of experience had a great tag team bout.

WrestleGate Pro has garnered a reputation in 3 events, that big things happen here.