Exquisite street wear collection: jackets, knitwear, headwear and accessories inspired by tank crew outfits // Early bird pre-sale discount rate throughout November // Collection now available at www.musterbrand.com/

musterbrand, the design label specialized in gaming culture, has stocked up its armory with a premium range of tank crew inspired outfits based on the award winning online game World of Tanks.

Direct your tank sporting the TANK COMMANDER, a light olive green jacket made from finest wool-nylon mix, or man your guns in the TANK GUNNER, an olive brown jacket made from robust cotton twill with a unique carbon coating. Both jackets feature design elements of historical tank crew gear with straight cuts and offset zippers.

True generals go for THE FRONT, a very exclusive brown real leather jacket. This awe-inspiring piece will only be available in very limited quantities.

Report for duty wearing THE DUTY, a military style heavy cotton-knit troyer in raven-gray color with contrasting orange tippings.

Store your ammo in the LOADER, a weekender utility bag with a wax coating that can be converted into a backpack on longer marches. Give your outfit that nice extra touch with the COMMANDER BELT or the USHANKA, a classic soviet winter hat with foldable ear covers.

All items are high quality made to last throughout even the most epic campaign. The game-related details will be instantly recognized by fellow gamers but are subtle enough to make the range suitable for everyday use.

Most items can be customized and individualized using a ranking and faction system: A range of eyelets featuring the insignia of the playable factions as well as different ranking grades can be applied to specific epaulettes on selected items in the collection.

The entire range of World of Tanks products is now available at https://www.musterbrand.com/collections/world-of-tanks/
A special early bird pre-sale discount rate will be applied to purchases made throughout November.