A Poetry Slam Show for 3 to 5 year olds: One cracker of a Christmas production for the little ones

Inspired by conversations with children, this show builds on substantial research around how music and rhythm can develop listening and language skills of 3 – 5 years olds. The result is an energetic, wigglesome, gigglesome mashup of words and rhythms and nifty noises designed to engage children’s imaginations and to enchant their eyes and ears!

Wigglegiggle is now touring in schools, libraries and Sure Start centers.

“I have never seen such a young audience so enchanted, the actors invite them into the world of the play and they respond without encouragement – deeply engaged as individuals” – Fiona Buffini, Associate Director of Nottingham Playhouse

This production will excite and intrigue children with what language can do – and what thev can do with language. But, most of all, Wigglegiggle promises to delight its audience as it messes around with wonderful words, marvelous music, the silliest of sounds and some very interesting moves!

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