Online retailer have broken the strict embargo set out by Rockstar Games the the Tuesday September 17th release of Grand Theft Auto 5. This is not just by 1 day though, but by as much as 3 days, with some people reporting to have received their copies by Saturday morning post!

This is Amazon trying to get copies out as early as possible on the Friday so people to receive their games by the promised and much advertised release day, or postal service just doing a bloody good job other the weekend (before another strike no doubt!)

Amazon said only “a small number” of customers had been affected (or blooming happy if you look at it in the recipients point of view!). The ‘affected’ few seems to be the early preorder adopters, with the likes of spokesman, Will Guyatt reporting he indeed did recive his copy on the Saturday, after a March preorder.

With around 2000 stores stocking the game for the Tusday 17th September release, this is guaranteed to be a massive multi million pound hit. Some of these instances of gamers receiving copies earlier (or audio being leaked online) have caused some spoilers to the major story lines, which has caused issues for hardcore gamers alike, but most people have been good enough, and staying away from the spoiler threads, to enjoy the experience come tomorrow!

With social media a massive aspect of every day lives now, its sometimes hard to keep away from every status or #tag around, causing spoilers for the gamer, but in most cases, gamers everywhere, have kept some spoilers tags on the down side (or just UNFOLLOWED straight away)

Some retailers, such as Cex, have been selling pre-release copies of the game for up to £75, nearly double what other stores are planning to charge, which is complete ripoff for the gamer, and i hope no one in their right mind have given Cex a penny for GTAV.

Why is this so serious though, why is it so strict, well Rockstar just want everyone to experience the game at their own time, and with the freedom to search around online, about the likes of GTA V without a spoiler in your face every two second. Receiving the game a day early, well that’s expected, and happens all the times in the games industry, but a full 3 days before, that has caused some problems.

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