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Eurogamer Expo this year is not just about the massive game companies, but also all about the fantastic, smaller (in size not quality) Indie Game Developers,  so we thought we’d let you know about some of the Indie developers that are going to exhibiting this year.

Below you will find details of the studios and their games for you to take a look at at this years Eurogamer Expo 2013

Happy Expo!

Indie Developers at Eurogamer Expo 2013



About our studio: BetaDwarf was formed by a small group of persons, who moved into a classroom at a University in Denmark. It took the University 7 months before a lecturer accidently walked into the room and realised that 8 guys actually lived in one of their classrooms. So BetaDwarf was thrown out and decided to move together in a big house, where they made a successful kickstarter and are now on their 3rd year of development on FORCED.

Here’s info on Forced: One- to four-player co-op arcade PC adventure with puzzles and tactical elements. You are cast as slaves in the toughest fantasy gladiator school of them all, condemned to fight as a gladiator and eventually win your freedom. You will face deadly trials and huge creatures, but Balfus, your Spirit Mentor will guide you in your quest for recognition.

Steam page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/246460

website: http://www.forcedthegame.com

Team story: http://forcedthegame.com/story/




We are Coilworks, a small indie studio located in Sweden, started by three college friends (since then we have expanded to six people and some freelance help). For about two years now we have been working on our first game Cloudbuilt, it has been a long journey making our own engine and tools, but it is starting to pay off now it all comes together.

We will be bringing a playable demo of Cloudbuilt to Eurogamer Expo. Using rocket-powered parkour and over-top-action moves you are tasked to overcome a hostile dreamscape of ruins among the clouds.

Our latest trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWUpz4ClIbs.

We are aiming at releasing the game during 2013.

– Martin Löwgren (CEO, programmer, co-founder) and Anders Davallius (Creative Director, programmer, co-founder) will be at the Indie Game Arcade from Thursday to Sunday.





Freekstorm is a family studio of British indie game developers, based in Norfolk, U.K. and founded by Richard and Lin Bang in 2010.

After successfully creating a short animated film “Doctor Kvorak Destroyer of Worlds” for an international film festival in 2010, they realised that they were rather attached to their dastardly green friend and decided to continue his adventures in the form of a game. They have been working on Doctor Kvorak ever since, along with the help and support of their three talented kids who all play active roles in developing the game.





I’m Nicoll Hunt, Head Honcho of I Fight Bears. We’re a tiny studio based in North London. It should be noted my use of the word “we” is a little misleading as I’m the only employee.

I’m showing off FIST OF AWESOME, a time-travelling-lumberjack-em-up launching on iOS, Android, OUYA and GameStick in October. The game has already received considerable attention due to its hugely successful Kickstarter Campaign from last year, raising over 200% of the original goal.

It’s heavily inspired by games like Double Dragon, Final Fight and Streets of Rage and to my knowledge is the first game that lets you punch a full grown grizzly bear in the mouth.

Web: http://ifightbears.co.uk




ABOUT THE CREATOR: David S Gallant is a 30yr old new gamemaker who started plugging away at code in 2011. Formerly employed by the Canada Revenue Agency (a federal government agency), David created I Get This Call Every Day on his free time to express his frustration with his day job. Outed publicly as a CRA employee by the Toronto Star, he was fired as the Agency tried to distance themselves from what they considered to be “offensive and completely unacceptable” activity. A wave of local and online support followed, allowing David the financial freedom to develop games full-time. He has since become an internet complainer.

THE GAME: I Get This Call Every Day is a brief point-‘n-click conversation set in an average call centre. Playing as the agent, the objective seems simple: help the caller change his address on file. The labyrinthine bureaucracy, and the caller’s own irresponsibility, stand in the agent’s way. It is an unwinnable scenario, plucked from the creator’s former day job and made interactive. Lose politely, or lose spectacularly: the choice is yours.

David will not be at the expo but I Get This Call Everyday will be playable in the Indie Arcade.




Formed in the Spring of 2013, Incus Games brings together a small ensemble of game developers, audio designers and script writers to create immersive and engaging gameplay experiences. At the heart of Incus’ manifesto is utilising quality and innovative audio techniques in order to bring to life vibrant and believable worlds. With the studio’s debut title – Three Monkeys – the aim is to provide content that is engaging and stimulating for both the blind/visually impaired community and those who can see.

After beavering away behind the scenes for several months, we’re finally ready to divulge the first details on Three Monkeys; an audio adventure for PC.

You can find a YouTube link to the dev-trailer here — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFUCso0pbAw

And a link to the in-game character monologue here — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xX0PAGCEDfw

Various members of the Incus team will be available throughout the expo.





Introversion Software is one of the UK’s most-respected and successful independent game developers and publishers. Founded in 2001 by three university students, we have gone on to create four critically acclaimed video games including cult classics Uplink, DEFCON, Darwinia and Multiwinia. In Feb 2010 Introversion made it’s first move into the console space by releasing Darwinia+ (Darwinia & Multiwinia) for the Xbox Live Arcade. Introversion was recently voted one of the top 50 Best Games Companies in the world.

We’ll be showing Prison Architect.


We’ll be there Friday – Sunday




KO-OP brings together designers of all stripes and sensibilities in one place to jam on both personal projects and group collaborations, with an emphasis on experimentation in design, aesthetics, and narrative.

Skipping Stones is a generative music and exploration game about beauty in the face of tragedy. After finding out a close friend of mine took his own life, I began crafting Skipping Stones with KO-OP Mode to explore the ways nature can help us cope and reflect. In the game you explore lakeside clearing where every action and movement creates the soundscape and narrative of the world. Skipping stones by the lake affects time, creates music, and reveals a subtle narrative about loss.

The game features a unique low poly art style inspired by Canadian Group of Seven artists, to capture the sense of beautiful untouched landscapes. It’s an experimental game about the need to sometimes leave the city, be alone with your thoughts, and wonder at the beauty and tragedy of life.

Teaser Video: http://youtu.be/FpUbkQK0WhE

Website: http://www.skippingstonesgame.com




I’m Adrian Moore, co-Founder of Loveshack Entertainment (Melbourne, Australia). I am a designer and composer.

I’ll be showing Loveshack’s debut game, Framed. It’s a narrative puzzle game – a noir, animated graphic novel.

Currently I’m available any time at Eurogamer Expo (will be there for the 4 days).





I’m Mark Foster and I’ll be showing CHROMA, an exploration mystery and puzzle game, set in a dark, lonely world.

The game started out being developed while I was working full time as a software engineer; I went on to quit my job after saving enough money to hopefully last until the project’s end. It’s one of the games I wanted to make as a kid, but warped through my adult eyes

Game’s page: http://iamclaw.com/?page_id=15

Youtube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8-ivm3iuKc

I’m currently available any time in the 4 days except for 1pm on Saturday and 1pm on Sunday which I’ve got interviews for.




I am FibreTigre, associate of Michael in MiClos on the Out There project.
We are showing out game Out There which was invited to the Expo thanks to its selection as a ‘promising game’.

– Trailer : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDH3PPJstuI

We will be on the Expo across all four days.




I’m Paul Taylor from Mode 7; we’ll be showing our new title Frozen Endzone at the Expo.

We’re an indie development team from Oxford and we released our debut title in 2007.  Our previous game, Frozen Synapse, was a critically-acclaimed turn-based strategy game that picked up an IGF Audience Award as well as PC Gamer’s Strategy Game of the Year, beating out several huge AAA franchises.  We were nominated as one of Develop’s Top 100 UK studios in 2013.

Frozen Endzone is a futuristic sports/strategy title that brings our innovative simultaneous-turn-based gameplay into a brand new arena. The Eurogamer Expo marks its public debut and we’d love to talk to any journalists who would be interested in taking an early look at the alpha version – this is the first opportunity to do so, so we’re keen to get things set up.

Full information on the game is available here: www.frozenendzone.com

Lead Designer and Programmer Ian Hardingham will be available for interviews and to demo the game on Thursday, Friday and potentially also Sunday.  I should be available on Saturday also to discuss the game and anything relevant to Mode 7.




OutOfTheBit is a young London-based independent mobile game studio which believes in restoring poetry and inspiration in modern games, making games that people (and they, first of all! 🙂 really enjoy playing. OutOfTheBit is especially popular for bringing to the iOS touch devices traditional card games such as La Scopa, La Briscola and The Klondike Solitaire, among other well-known board games such as Dots and Boxes and Four In A Row which have been on top of the App Store charts in many Countries.

Anima is OutOfTheBit’s first experimental project, exploring new graphics and tools. Anima is an online multiplayer game with an isometric, vector-based graphic, solely drawn using an iPad and runs on an especially made Engine (The Stork Vector Engine). Anima takes the players in a magical land, where they are halves of the same character, and yet one against the other in the run to collect the most Energy Balls in 90 seconds.





I am Cliff Harris from Positech Games, I’m the owner, designer and programmer! I’m at the expo showing off our PC/Mac/Linux political strategy game ‘Democracy 3’. (www.positech.co.uk/democracy3)

I’ll be available any time to talk to anyone about anything EXCEPT 3PM-4PM on the 26th. I’ll also be with…

Mitu Khandaker (http://mitu.nu/ or @MituK) from the Tiniest Shark who is the designer and programmer for the Sci-fi comedy Life-simulation game for PC/Mac?iPad/Linux – Redshirt! (www.redshirtgame.com). She will also be the show all four days and available to talk about developing the game.





We’re Puppygames, established in the UK in 2002, down in Somerset.

We’re going to be demonstrating Ultratron and Droid Assault at EuroGamer, which are two of our arcade games. As with Rezzed we’re having a hiscores competition in both games – highest score in each game at the end of the show will be winning a brand new 2013 Nexus 7.

Battledroid is the new game that we’re developing in the open under everyone’s scrutiny. Watch an MMOG get made before your very eyes!

All of us will be available to talk to throughout the show from Thursday morning to Sunday evening, and usually afterwards too.





RichMakeGame is the one-man indie studio of Rich Edwards, from Newcastle upon Tyne who released Pineapple Smash Crew in 2012.
Before going indie, Rich worked as a 3d artist and designer for 5 years at a Newcastle based company. Rich enjoys taking part in game design challenges such as Ludum Dare and 7 day fps, and has numerous prototypes and experiments available to play for free on his site.
CarTank is the imaginary licensed title of a made-up 80s cartoon- Loud, colourful, fast paced and in your face! Save the colonists of the planet Seed from the evil RaiderBrains, scourge of the galaxy; Take the wheel of CarTank as Sheriff-Cop, and rip through waves of buggies, bikes drones, tanks and fortified enemy bases. CarTank is a bright, colourful arena shooter with a difference; acrobatic, bouncy, with strategic base attacks and the bowling-esque feature: grapple bombs (whirl them around and send them flying into the heart of an enemy base!)

Rich is available for interviews for the full Eurogamer Expo period and via email/phone. He will be with his game at the Indie Arcade booth for much of the show.





Rock Pocket Games is an indie studio in Norway.
We are showing Shiftlings, a humorous conjoined physics based puzzle game in space where size definitely matters which can be played alone or with a friend.

Video More information Screenshots
Natascha Röösli, co-founder and composer, is at the expo from the 26th until the 29th




We are 7 co-founders who started their own indie studio in France this year. Going wild by self-funding & self publishing on PS3 & PC while living on our savings!

Ethan: Meteor Hunter mixes puzzles and platformers core action mechanics with an innovative mechanic: telekinesia. Ethan can pause time and move objects around in order to solve puzzles and get though levels with dynamic use of physics giving multiple gameplay and solving possibilities. A new demo from the final game will be shown at the xpo

-Olivier Penot, Co-founder will be available on each day of the expo





Snowbird Game Studios was founded in 2011 in Moscow, Russia by the former employees of Snowball Interactive and Snowberry Connection. Aside from the steady affection for the names with ‘snow’ in them, these people are well-known for their zealous devotion to anything related to PC games. It all began with the sleepless nights spent over Doom and Heroes of Might & Magic, and continued with the decision to start a development company to produce the games of our own.

We’ll be at our stand for all days of the Expo. We’ll be showing two of our games: Eador and Caribbean! (with exclamation mark in the title). Eador was originally released in April and at the expo we’re willing to talk about the upcoming free DLC and the add-on for the game (not yet announced).

Here’s the game’s official site: http://www.snowbirdgames.com/eador/?lang=en.

And the Steam store page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/232050/

Caribbean! is still in development, the game’s set for release in December or early next year. We did a pretty detailed interview with RPS some time after the initial announcement: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/08/09/parley-of-the-land-caribbean-interview/

You can find more information about our studio here: http://snowbirdgames.com/?page_id=118&lang=en




We are Snowbolt Interactive. We are a small UK based company of ex-Frontier Developments senior staff. The company has been in existence for almost 2 years and we released our first game last year called Slingshot Racing on mobile devices which reviewers seemed to like. We have a strong background in graphics techniques so we like to make games look beautiful. At Frontier we all had key roles in projects such as Kinectimals, Kinect Disneyland Adventures and Rollercoaster Tycoon 3.

We will showing our new game called Xenolith which will be for PC and (hopefully) console. Xenolith is a kind of twinstick shooter without the twin sticks or shooting! We hope it will be an interesting twist on the genre and we of course want it to look fantastic. If you need any screenshots etc. please let me know.





Now about me. I’m Sos Sosowski is the creator of McPixel and many numerous games no-one ever heard of! I’m the self-proclaimed mad scientist of video games!

ACHTUNG ARCADE is at Eurogamer Expo! Starting with Berlin’s A-MAZE Indie Connect and moving on to GDC Europe Expo and Gamescom, ACHTUNG ARCADE is now here! Even I don’t know where it will be next, so take your chance to check it out! I’ll be hanging around this thing most of the time, so feel free to drop by and chat!






Subterranean Games is a team spread out all over the globe, from all across Europe and the US, to Russia, China, Australia and New Zealand. The team came together to create War for the Overworld last year, and after a successful Kickstarter campaign we pushed ahead and started working on it full time.

War for the Overworld is a Dungeon Management game, heavily inspired by the Bullfrog classics Dungeon Keeper & Dungeon Keeper 2. It could also be described as an ‘anti-Diablo’, as instead of playing the hero raiding a dungeon, you are in fact the dark force building and controlling the dungeon.

The following people are available to talk on any of the 4 days:

  • James Heinichen (Writer / Designer)
  • Josh Bishop (Creative Director)
  • Scott Richmond (Lead Programmer)
  • Dan Atkins (Lead Audio Designer/Composer/Voice/etc)
  • Patrick Hore (Character Modeler)
  • Stefan Furcht (Progammer – German only)
  • Nano Boucher (Programmer – French only)




Wales Interactive is a BAFTA Cymru award winning games developer and publisher. We are relatively new company that in a short space of time have won 4 BAFTA Cymru Awards, grown the team from 2 to 18, become Playstation & Nintendo developers and we even have a display dedicated to them in Cardiff Wales airport.


Master Reboot is a first person psychological adventure horror game set inside the Soul Cloud. Imagine a world where death is no longer final, where precious memories are saved to enjoy forever, where your soul is immortal, welcome to the Soul Cloud. Upload your soul to our dedicated servers and relax knowing that a part of you will live on, for eternity. It’s an exploration game with action and puzzle elements set across 34 unique environments. It will be available on PC and Playstation3 initially and we are aiming for Halloween release.


“A gorgeous indie horror”, PC Gamer.

“From concept to art style to the wonderful trailer, it’s a breath of fresh, creepy air”, RockPaperShotgun.

“Master Reboot looks like a gorgeous and haunting adventure through a unique world that should appeal to fans of multiple genres”, Gamezebo.

Website: http://www.walesinteractive.com/#!master-reboot/c1vts

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvCvG_6-xwM&feature=c4-overview&list=UU6iz2xxDguZfMvj8ZiceOoA

David Banner, Managing Director will be available all day on the Thursday (26th Sept) and Friday (27th). Sarah Crossman, Lead Designer will be available on Saturday (28th Sept) and Sunday (28th Sept).




Witch Beam are a group of three Australians that quit our industry jobs to make the focussed games we’ve always wanted to.

We’ll be at the Indie Game Arcade showing off the PC version of Assault Android Cactus, an intense twin stick shoot ’em up that’s all about high pressure and stylish action, a sort of throwback to the Arcade/Dreamcast era of bright inviting aesthetics, four player local co-op, and 60fps twitch gameplay. Cactus is also coming to the PS4, PSVita, and Wii U in early 2014.

Santana will be available on all four days and will be able to provide Steam key’s ahead of the show.



So there we go, that’s the list of Indie Developers, and team members appearing at the EGX2013. ItsMuchMore will be hoping to get some questions and answers from some of the teams on the the Friday.


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