We have made it to Birmingham’s NEC, for this years EGX.

This will be a live update with what’s happening and the games we’ve played or queued up and got bored waiting for.

First off when we walked in we were handed a EGX Amazon mag and then and energy drinks and straight away jumped on some eight player gaming action on a indie game called Natures Zombie Apocalypse which was fun it was a co op game were you battle the zombies and your different animals.

Then we moved onto a sensi soccer style football game called Super Arcade Football which it was Tottenham Vs Arsenal and it was DreamcastUK vs RockerJarvis and can safely say that DreamcastUK won during golden goal with a great slow mo shout! Now RockerJarvis faced off against someone from a website called GoodCatchGames

Played yet more games and this year there are lots of food stalls, so we moved onto a retro arcade to play and complete Turtles the arcade game four players woohoo in a nice arcade cabinet, then we walked over to the 2K booths and watched a 25min gameplay video and trailer for Mafia 3 which was in a cinema yes a mini cinema we were given popcorn as well, there was a teaser trailer for forthcoming 2K games as well so it was nice to see Bioshock remastered.

Then myself and RockerJarvis queued up to play WWE 2K17 and I wish we didn’t , with only a small roster of wrestlers to choose from and only able to choice to fight in the ring or backstage, but sadly was told no photos or videos even though the game comes out next month, the game wasn’t that good it was quite slow and played like the original Xbox WWF/E Raw, seeing as we’ve recently enjoyed playing the Xbox One Version.

Once again lots of Cosplay some good and bad but it’s always fun to see, now walked over to Tekken 7 and played the PS4 version of this, it looked impressive but as we both didn’t know the controls it was a button mashing contest.

Now we have started queing for the PlayStation VR, there is a host of games that you can play when you’ve got into the booth so we will see what we get, Batman and Resident Evil would be good to play but we will see what we get given as you cannot pick and choose.

Scrap that! We queued for the PlayStation VR area for like 20mins only to be told after 20mins it’s reservations only, so we walked over to the SEGA area and OMG!!! There is a playable version of Sonic Mania! So we are now queuing up for that, so far from what I can see there is two playable levels, the Greenhill zone and Studiopolis,so we are now waiting to play that.

One thing to add in the WWE 2K17 booth here was a loud bang and me and RockerJarvis turned round and we saw someone had broken one of those little expo chairs, ouch! Oh another thing we noticed there is no point playing the Greenhill Zone on Sonic Mania as it will be over too quick!

Sonic Mania was good it was nice to chat to the Sega booth guys, was a shame when I spoke to him about the level design looking like Sonic CD he said he’d never played it and I was shocked, but oh well.

Moved onto the indie games and played Dead Pixels 2 and spoke to the games creator which once again was a nice chat, played a couple of other indies games, then I got scared playing The Town Of Light it was a first person point and click style horror game which looked visually impressive.

Still in the indie section played a game called 88 heroes which was fun, felt like Super Meat Boy with the quick Respawn to try and finish the level, each of the heroes had different attack and you just had to reach the door to escape the level, fun game to pick up and play.

RockerJarvis played Rising Star’s Earth Dawn which he said was amazing, it was a scrolling shooter, had incredible graphics and the controls were easy to use as well, spoke to the guys at the booth asking when the game was due out and they said November this year but the price was TBC.

Another Expo over for ItsMuchMore, played a couple of games and spent more time walkin around and queing same every year really but it was expected.

The triple A titles that we got to play were Tekken 7, WWE 2K17 and Sonic Mania, didn’t really get much swag if not any think only a couple of posters and leaflets, always nice to get the free energy drinks and this year 2K were nice enough to give away free Mafia 3 popcorn to enjoy in their movie theatre.

All in all it seemed very empty this year, didn’t see much from Xbox or Nintendo, it just seemed that Twitch had a bigger stand than most of the developers and publishers. There were more shops, stalls and food outlets it seemed then games, it was a heavy day for queing again even with an afternoon ticket. Quite annoyed with PlayStation VR staff not saying or outlining that we had to book in advance to play games as we just were waiting there like lemons.

Next year should be better, fingers crossed!