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ItsMuchMore have arrived at Birmingham for this years Eurogamer (EGX) Expo there is plenty of games for everything to be excited about so we will be updating this post with our thoughts throughout the day!

Raging Justice

If your a fan of the classic 80’s / 90’s side scrolling beat em ups like final fight then this game is for you.

Having spoken with the animator for the visuals within game and the art work I can safely say had a nice chat plus a go on this early demo, with the game being released on Xbox One and iOS devices early February I will be looking to purchase this one, they mentioned to me that the game would be market priced so not too costly and they are hopeful to be releasing the game across a number of different formats following the launch.

As I said amazing visuals and great controls having played the Xbox One version, they also had a iOS tablet version on display which equally looked and played as impressive.

I (DreamcastUK) spent most of EGX playing retro games in the Replay area and Rezzed area as well as any indie game I could get my hands on and here is a list of what I played:

SNES : Super Probotector Alien Rebels
Only got a quick go on this one as some fans rushed to play it but it was very much like contra, it felt good to play play with a SNES controller again smooth and thankfully the pad wasn’t that beat up.

Side scroller with great weapons and pumping music in the background , holds up to today’s standards.

GameCube : Starwars Rogue Leader

Never got to play this when it came out so I gave it a go, I had to get a member of staff to fix the TV first as someone messed it up, so this game didn’t let me skip the intro and it felt like it took 20mins, so this was a flight space shooter as you would expect, the control system was easy to pick up and play and the graphic was very nice indeed, gameplay was a bit odd just flying round and shooting the bad guys and watch towers.

Xbox : Starwars Battlefront

We played this game to sh*t when we had it on the Xbox back in the day, 3rd person shooter team based game and it was capture the base oh and I got a clap at the end by a few Star Wars fans as I won the battle woohoo 🙂

imageDreamcast: Street Fighter Giant Attack Second Impact (or something like that)
PSOne : SF EX Plus alpha
SNES : SF 2 Turbo

Played some classic Street Fighter versus RockerJarvis, good to play some of the classics from the years gone by, we had few good battles and also it’s funny when you beat someone else in the expo who has never played the game before.
Saturn : Daytona USA
Amstrad : Burning Rubber
Shuttle PC Engine : Splatter House
Master System : Alex Kidd
N64 : Tony Hawks

Couple of other older games that I played nothing much to shout about but all played well, nice to play Splatter House again!


This was a good game, elements of Metal Slug and Contra rolled into one with a 4 player local co op, listening to the team around this game they stated they wanted to keep it offline for as much as they could to try to bring back the everyone one one console/pc playing a multi player game.

Visuals were really good indeed and it did get crazy on the screen at any given time, this was an early pre alpha build but it looked good enough to go and with the likes of say Castle Crashers giving this style of side-scroller a reboot I can only see good things for this title.
imageThe Escapist The Walking Dead

This is the Escapist with The Walking Dead theme and style behind it, it plays well and looks good and had a nice lot of consoles/pc’s to play it on so everyone was happy. With a game like this you don’t need to have ages to get into it and get used to the controls and the story you and pretty much take over were someone else has left off. Birds eye view style game searching for a way to escape, while collecting items and taking out the walkers along the way.


The Living Dungeon

Turn based board game, I sat down at this booth by mistake, don’t get me wrong the guy was nice enough to take out the time to explain the game and tell me in full detail which it card meant and did, but I just wanted to play the game and see what it could do.

imageI liked games back in the day like Hero Quest and Space Crusade so was hoping that it was be kind of the same, so you have your character, you roll the dices and it gives you some actions or attacks, you then do those actions or attacks and you then pass your go onto the AI (computer player) and then repeat, you can also change the camera angle as well as the cogs or pieces of the game board for an advantage or to make an enemy die, dying was a important part in this game as the guy mentioned you will do this a lot and the aim of the game is not to, which was challenging.

It was different but a little too different for me.

I really enjoying playing this game, it was a mix between Rez and Panzer Dragoon with outstanding visuals and soundtracks. The idea of this game was to fly you space ship while taking out the onslaught of enemies using lock on attacks. So very much like Rez, there was great tunnel sections of the level and also a nice outdoor desert section of the level which allowed you to battle some sort out sand snake/beast type thing.
Tango Fiesta

imagePlayed very much like Seals Team 12 which I’ve played on OnLive and Xbox Live Arcade, its a top down shooter put to four players on screen at once, the controls have you using the left analog to control the character while the right analog aims the gun to fire at the enemies. Each part of the level has objectives where you need to destroy an enemy base or hideout or taking out the remaining enemies on screen.

This was good fun and the graphics were ok, bit samey samey for me! There was also an issue when player leaves the screen/map and not knowing how to get back or return.


imageBeyond Flesh and Blood

We all remember Mech Warrior right? how about Slave Zero? well if you don’t know them just think Gears of War style with robots.

So you have your nicely designed mech that allows you to run,jump and fire your way through the levels and taking out the targets that appear before you, it did play well controls little odd as at times it didn’t feel like I was shooting and when the next eneimy/targets came onto the screen it would have a in-game graphic cut scene where I could’nt control or see my player but I was still getting attacked and taking damage! that was unfair 🙁


Arclight Cascape

It was ok, Geometry Wars mets Stars Wars. Once again four player madness using the analog’s to steer and attack your opponents, graphics looked nice and the gameplay was also easy to pick up and play.

This would be great fun for online play or just to invite a few friends round and give it a go with not much to think or worry about.


The guys at Team 17 with another nice booth and some great games on display, Sheltered was one of them.

imageFirst you choose your family and your pets names and then you have to live your way under a Shelter, learning to survive going out of the Shelter and exploring the area above and making sure you are not using too much water and other items to keep your family alive and well.

Graphics were good as well, took me a little while to get used to and understand what was going on and why I was needing to do certain things but I got the hang of it.

Landscape style that allows you to zoom in and out of the game play area and pressing the buttons/commons on the screen to interact with the objects within your shelter.

Riot Civil Unrest

Didn’t understand what I was doing at first, then I worked out I was the riot police trying to push back or stop riots from taking, doing so by selecting my troops and leading the towards the rioters or firing smoke at them or just pushing the back by selecting different teams of troops with different skill sets.

Yeah it was alright but nothing to go and riot about.

Rock Band 4

Looks the same as every other Rock Band/Guitar Hero game so the visuals may have had a once over but for the gameplay it was pretty much the same with just a few added bits here and there.

I did vocals and it was the last song of the night and of EGX 2015, so I went out in style by singing Elvis Presley, I am sure the audience was ‘All shook up’


The Intruder

imageHad a nice little chat with the lady who created this game, everyone asked me for business cards but sadly didn’t print them out so thats on my to-do list for next year, ok so let’s talk about The Intruder, its a game like Slender were you walk into a building which appears to me an old school, instead of the over use of the dark and black shadow effects that you would find in the games such as Outlast and Slenderman this game used a lot of mist & fog and white which was a different take on the whole first person style game.

You move around the school picking up items and unlocking doors and solving different puzzles or tasks to allow you to move onto different areas of the level, yes of course the game is scary and I didn’t want to jump off of those small seats and look like a fool so I asked for a demo to take home and play in the dark (with the light on) by myself and pause it if I get scared.

Looked very good and I know that I will be falling off my feet when I play through the demo in the coming weeks.


So all in all I felt this years egx was 100 times better than last years, this was the make or break for me with the new location from London to Birmingham I was wondering how this would plan out but the NEC Birmingham put on a good setting for egx making it more compact yet able to bring out shed loads of gaming and tech glory.

imageAs mentioned previously I spent most of egx playing retro and indie games, this was because I didn’t want to waste hours queuing for a game as I don’t have a Wii U , Xbox One or PS4 so why bother, when I came around getting a new console the games here will prob have demos or will be cheap as chips to pick up so wasn’t gonna waste my time or energy.

Food courts worked better and so was the amount of toilets, unsure why gamers (male) would rather queue up to use a toilet cubical, the queue for this was more than some games.

I played loads of games and was impressed as to how nice the developers were for talking about their games that they are showcasing, many of them saw my purple press pass and approached me which is what I hoped for as it allowed them to talk to me about their creation and also play the game and have a better understanding with what is going on with it.

Which is why I haven’t included queues regarding the triple A titles because I didn’t even bother, when I saw the many games closed up shop early or had sign posts saying three hour wait from this point I carried on walking as I didn’t want to do what I did last year and queue nearly three hours for Rise (XONE) and have a 2min timed demo with like a 20 sec cut scene that you couldn’t skip.

So I will be looking to go egx in 2016 for sure.



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