The war is far from over! Wargame AirLand Battle, the successor to Wargame European Escalation and the new real-time strategy hit from developers Eugen Systems that won enthusiastic acclaim from gamers and critics alike, has produced its first DLC, “Vox Populi”!

As well as containing substantial extra content, the Vox Populi DLC is totally free, so Wargame AirLand Battle players will find their game has been automatically updated with the download next time they launch the game.

VOX POPULI has been developed specifically to respond to the demands of the community… and has just landed with a whole arsenal of new features! “CONQUEST” mode, a really popular feature in the previous Wargame, makes a great comeback in AirLand Battle both in Multiplayer mode and against the AI, offering a range of new objectives to commanders all over the world. Unlike DESTRUCTION mode, victory in CONQUEST doesn’t depend on the destruction of the enemy forces, but on your ability to capture and hold more territory than your opponent. All the existing maps in Multiplayer are of course playable in this mode.

In addition to this new game mode, CAMPAIGN, already playable in Versus mode, is now available in CO-OPERATIVE mode and allows you to join forces with a friend to play any campaign against the AI. In Skirmish mode you can now select the type and nationality of the equipment of any AI opponent.

Last but not least, we have introduced 24 new units and 5 new maps (playable in Destruction and Conquest modes) for even more frenzied multiplayer contests! This is a great opportunity for any gamers who haven’t yet engaged in active combat to rush headlong into battle!