Hosted by the Old Library Theatre in Mansfield. ‘No User found’ touring for 2018. Presented with pair of wireless headphones and a ever familiar device we carry in our daily lives, a smartphone.

The soundscape one of a brisk coffee shop, cups flattering and unclear background chatter. ‘Hi I’m Terry’ came a voice through the headphones simultaneously an arm at the back of the room was up high waving in the air. Warm and genuine monologue talking of the all aspects one does when sat alone with a drink in hand eye adrift at the surroundings. Crafting thoughts of what individuals lives are about. Picking on their clues with a dose of imagination. As Terry physically explores the space in and around those seated. All brought to a shattering close as messages start coming in to the smartphone laying upon the table. Pinging with condolences and sad respects. Questionning. for what has happened? His former partner has died. Thrust through a mindscape of the audiable, visual, the kinestic of the smartphone with Terry weaving the physical space this is storycrafting of the highest order. Subtle and powerful. Drawn deeper into Terrys thoughts tapping into the very nature of anger and sadness. Unfolding with a Black Mirror-like revelation playing into the narrative. 

Presented as being the executor of all his former partners online life. If you had button at the life to erase everything, all online traces. Those pictures from that holiday? Those videos of great times? Status posts and accounts all gone forever? Would you press it? Terry conveys a kaleidoscope of emotions. Mixing the everyday and humble we can all relate to on his journey as a character. Lamps upon the table surprisingly were part of performance timing with the story. More surprisingly were the undertable lighting transforming the humble cafe to an powerful underwater scene. Culminating in a striking ending.

Coupling the intimate performance of Terry O’Donovan, Dante or Die have created a masterful performance piece that deserves to be experienced. 

Informed the shows continue in small intimate venues for the coming week before another run in 2019


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