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Pilots can now benefit from an industry recognised certification in Nottingham’s state of the art simulator, SimSpot, located on the top floor of The Cornerhouse.

As well as being a top tourist attraction in the city, the simulator will now provide pilots with the skills and accreditation that they need to progress in their career in the airline industry.

Pilots can receive training from experienced captains who will guide them through a range of courses at their own pace and tailored to their ability.

From improving their technical skills on a Jet Orientation Course, to taking a one-on-one pilot assessment preparation session, the simulator will be invaluable to pilots wanting to step up to an airline First Officer job.

Speaking about the new training scheme, SimSpot’s managing director Andy Wallace commented:

“We’re thrilled that SimSpot is now able to really educate and train pilots to the highest standard. The simulator has always been a great resource for pilots looking to get some extra practice, so the fact that they can get industry leading professional training is something that we’re really proud of.

“Of course, the simulator is a great experience for a complete flying novice, but for pilots who need more training, the simulator is now a real boost to their career.”

For more information on SimSpot and the pilot training courses, please visit www.simspot.co.uk or find the team on Facebook and Twitter @SimSpotLtd.

James Jarvis
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