In Arcade mode, a single player must defeat 12 warriors on the path to becoming the World Warrior champion.
Prepare for intense co-op battles as two friends can team up in Buddy Battle to throw down new two-player combos and attack their opponents from both sides

Fight locally against a friend or against the CPU in Versus mode

Go online and fight against the best players across the mode in either ranked or casual matches

Brush up on old skills – or learn new ones – in the training mode before taking on new challengers

In the brand new mode called Way of the Hado, players can play a unique first-person mode and experience what it’s like to be Ryu. By using motion controls to perform moves, players can fight off an onslaught of opponents using the iconic Shoryuken (dragon punch), Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (hurricane kick), and Ryu’s fireball super combo, Shinku Hadoken

Compatible with Nintendo Switch only

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