Brit Studio’s Collaboration with Amazon Game Studios For First Smartphone Designed By Amazon


Hotgen Ltd, one of Europe’s most innovative game development studios, today unveiled To-Fu Fury, the latest in its highly successful To-Fu series of games, exclusively for the launch of Amazon’s Fire phone.

Using Amazon’s ground breaking technology, Dynamic Perspective, players can use their head to peek around levels, see their obstacles, find hidden paths and plot their strategy. To-Fu Fury costs $1.99 and is available in the Amazon appstore.

Developed in partnership with Amazon Game Studios, To-Fu Fury combines the series’ classic puzzle platforming elements with Fire phones’ Dynamic Perspective. Levels are a mixture of crafty physics puzzles, fast-paced platforming and frenetic combat, creating the most diverse version yet in the game’s series.

As a To-Fu first,  To-Fu Fury introduces boss fights with players tasked to find ways for the hero to defeat devious, gigantic new enemies in epic battles. Once the game is complete, new challenges unlock, offering huge replay value.

•Over 90 levels in three stunning environments that make use of Dynamic Perspective.
•To-Fu  can be “pinged” by stretching him in the direction gamers want him to travel, then quickly releasing their finger from the screen.
•To-Fu attaches to most surfaces, making To-Fu Fury a fully 360 degree puzzle platformer full of hidden surprises and dangers
•Players use cunning and speed to overcome brain-bending puzzles on three different types of terrain.
•To-Fu faces off against the nefarious Hoshi in hand-to-hand combat.
•Dynamic Perspective lets gamers plan their next move and get the drop on enemies.
•Players discover the world of To-Fu in story mode, then test their skills with devious puzzles and tough battles on Challenge Island.

To-Fu is an original creation by the Croydon-based studio, having initially launched on iOS before branching out to Android and Nintendo DS. In total, the series has sold over 5 million copies, making it one of the most popular British mascots.