Ubisoft is pleased to announce that it will be bringing Might & Magic: Duel of Champions to the Meltdown bar in London on Sunday 28th July for fans and competitors alike to experience the free-to-play online card game in an eSports-friendly environment.

Come to Meltdown from 1-6pm this Sunday and take part in the tournament happening there, or simply turn up for a drink with the team and other Duel of Champions fans.

Ubisoft have partnered with Razer to offer great prizes for those who take part in the tournament with the three winners taking home the following:

1st Prize: 1x Kraken Pro and 1x Razer laptop bag

2nd Prize: 1x Taipan and 1x beanie, scarf or other Razer merch

3rd Prize: 1x Goliathus Speed or Control and 1x l33t pack

We’ll also have other goodies to be won throughout the day, including posters, Heroes VI games, Ashan Compendiums (the official Might & Magic encyclopaedia) and many more!

The tournament will begin at 2pm so make sure you arrive in time to sign up and take part. For more details about the event or the bar itself, check out the OFFICIAL MELTDOWN FACEBOOK PAGE.