Trion Worlds, the leading publisher and developer of premium games for the connected era, is proud to announce that DLC2 for Defiance™ will be coming this winter.


The Defiance Universe first launched in April 2013 after five years of development. In Defiance, thousands of players, who take on the role of an ark hunter, scour a transformed Earth in search of valuable alien technology. After a series of crossover events between the TV show and game and add-on content with the Castithan Charge Pack, Trion Worlds are pleased to announce the continued growth of the universe with their second wave of downloadable content.

As a Halloween treat for current players, today’s patch also sees the Plague Sieges and Plague Emergencies return. After the initial Plague Sieges Trion have now improved their pacing for their scoring to be better and give them the ability to expand over time. Player strategies can adapt now that charge blades and weapons have been added to the game. Further weapons such as spikes will be added to the second DLC also allowing techniques to develop when fighting the infected.

Plague Sieges will be popping up all over the map in hour intervals for ark hunters to fight as well as Emergencies that can be found throughout the world on an ongoing basis.


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Happy Halloween, good hunting, and good luck.

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