I attended a launch to unveil the 150th Anniversary of the Theatre Royal in Nottingham. We were greeted with a brass band, a special guest arrived to a fanfare,’Christopher Biggins‘ he will be joining the Theatre for the pantomime season. IMG-20150327-WA0002He was happy to lead with the upcoming celebrations & shared stories of his work in the theatre. A very fun man, showing interest in the audience & being at home with the attention.

I am looking forward to the events being held for the anniversary, which include open days with tours around the theatre & backstage. Memory afternoons, Archive projects & limited edition merchandise. There will also be a Golden envelopes prize giveaway, which will be left at random for theatre goers with prizes that range from ‘Name a seat plaque’, free show tickets & free ice creams.

I am happy to say that they will also find time to put on some great theatre, a production of ‘Hood’ to celebrate a local hero through the ages & ‘School for scandal‘, which originally opened the Theatre in 1865. I will also be looking forward to seeing the return of ‘Biggins’ for Christmas.