The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 – Smoke and Mirrors is finally available to everyone, as the issues that was preventing its final release on Wednesday, have now been ‘resolved’, so the game can now be downloaded on XBox 360, PS3, PC, and MAC.

wolfamongus-ep22Owners of all the formats apart from XBox 360 have been enjoying Ep2 with no problems since Tuesday, and the problems only occurred to Season Pass holders (like me 🙁 ) on the Microsoft console. Blame was being passed around, Microsoft said it was TellTale, and TellTale said it was Microsoft. To Be Fair, it looks like it was a bit of both considering it was fine on all other platforms, apart from the Xbox 360, so something is definatly wrong from be it with the game accepting Season Pass Holders. or just the fact that MS never impletmented it.

Either way, Microsoft has sent out a download redeem code of Episode 2, Smoke and Mirrors, so if you havn’t already, get it downloaded. I say ‘resolved’ as its just a code at the end of things, for all we know these problem will continue with ever release for season pass owners on Xbox 360. Here’s hoping thats not the case.

gaming-the-wolf-among-us-screenshot-1I’ve not fully played it yet, but just started things, so keep an eye out for a review this week. Here’s hoping the lag and slowdown gets better, as from the opening sequence, its again pretty poor, but if the game is as solid as before, that that can nearly be forgiven

If you havn’t already read my review of Ep1 of The Wolf Among Us – Faith

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