Being a massive fan of The Walking Dead, having read the comics for a number of years before the hit TV show came about and still reading them now every month, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with what i have been watching as the series progressed in the last three seasons.

rick-horse-zombies-600x400Season 1 was something fresh to TV, being a zombie horror series, but less about the zombies and more about the characters. This was the closest to the comics story line wise, until the last episode or two, but with the change still brought something a little more conclusive or at least evident to whats actually a cause, compared to the comics. It introduces us to some great characters, and the whole feeling of the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, creating this world, these character, is done to perfection.

the-walking-dead-season-2-episode-11-618x409Season 2 arrived off the massive success of season 1, and turned out to be a a bit on the slow side when watching weekly, which caused a lot of issues for viewers. Having watched the episodes back to back again, it makes the series massively better in a  second viewing, and with the introduction of new characters and locations, as well ones familiar with the comics, it still has the links to its route, even when taking some change in direction. However the final scene shows where we are going in season 3, and to the comic reading, this was THE arc of the seasons, and it made me smile with glee like a little girl!

AMC-TWD-KEYART_0440_RGB_FULLSeason 3 arrived again with massive anticipation and trepidation, maybe due to some of the dislike from Season 2 (which is slightly unjustified, but each to their own), but no matter what it was still coming in with a bang, and with the introduction of some of the comics most loved and popular characters, and arcs, it still had its die hard fan base watching. Season 3 introduced more action over drama, and some epic locations (fan wise – prison), however the pull off in the TV show, compared to the raw emotion against the comic, was never as good, and the source material remained the pedestal, which was a shame, considering the budget, craft, and ability to know the upcoming future of the story, as it was already done a number of years ago in the written form. Some characters took different routes, and some were just wasted (Tyrese), but i guess that’s what a season renewal is also for, to build on the characters, maybe clean up a few mistakes, listen to your fans, make the correct decision, do not just rest on your laurels and expects the comic fan to continue to tune in, and just keep creating this vivid world.

comic-conSo we welcome Comic Con 2013, where the first trailer for The Walking Dead Season 4 has been released. To me it again looks to be action orientated, over the drama, and from whats released looks zombie heavy, which could be a fresh change over the last two seasons. However this footage i assume would only be from the first 6 or so episodes, so we have a lot to comes. I’m having to try and think back to what will happen in the TV show compared to what happened in the comics, and apart from a few obvious moments from the comics after the Guv’Nor,  this looks like it could be deviate quick a lot from the source material. Is that a good thing? Maybe, maybe not. But I’m still looking forward to my daily dose of Zombies later this year.

Have a watch of the trailer below. It doesn’t have the same kick as the teaser for Season 3 last year, but its still looks great either way.