Ubisoft® and Blue Byte® announced that The Settlers® Online, the browser-based strategy game will showcase a thrilling new feature called Epic Raids

This improvement will introduce many new and ambitious adventures, powerful enemies, magical resources and exclusive rewards accessible only for high level players.

Five new adventures will hit the game; all of them refer to famous fairy-tales. The brave little tailor, a new NPC, will assign to players several quests which will guide them through the first epic adventure challenge. The first adventure can be found by an explorer or directly available in the shop. When the adventure is successfully completed, players will be rewarded randomly with one of two new adventures. Thus, there will be two ways to end the story depending on which adventure players will get. These special adventures will bring to the game a lot of new and dangerous enemies like Unicorns, Greedy Inn-Keepers and Lying Goats.

Level 50 players will be able to receive a special new resource to trade in for valuable items

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lH41zTUMW68

The Epic Raids will bring up batches of new in-game content. New resources will be introduced such as the Magic Beans and the Magic Beanstalks, both of them are collectible during adventures, tradable and can be exchanged for new items in a special shop category. A new specialist will also appear – the Quartermaster General (max 2 generals per player), an expert in logistics. He can’t lead an attack but he can transport very large armies (1000 units) in a shorter amount of time than the other generals. Players will be able to acquire an additional 5 building licenses (max 3 per player) in exchange of Magic Beanstalks. Those licenses will allow players to get more buildings on their island. New buildings will also be available:

· Fairy-tale castle (max 1 per player): It’s a special decoration building than can be upgraded up to level 5 – After level 5 the decorative building becomes a production site and will require both new resources.

· Magnificent Residence (no number restriction): This construction will offer enough space for a huge number of Settlers, it provides enough convenience for a King and his court.

· Gold Tower (max 3 per player): This magical tower can spin wheat into coins.

In addition level 50 players will be able to earn a new resource called Star Coins. If a player reaches level 50 they will no longer earn experience points but instead the Star Coins. On the day of the launch of the epic raids all already earned experience points by level 50 players will be converted to Star Coins. A new section in the in-game shop will allow trading in this special resource against very valuable items.

Besides the release of the Epic Raids, Ubisoft® and Blue Byte® also announced that the beta tag will be removed for the European English, Poland, Netherland and Czech version in August.

To learn more about The Settlers Online and to start playing the game for free visit the official website available at this address: www.thesettlersonline.com