Ubisoft and Blue Byte have launched special events for The Settlers Online and ANNO Online, both of them themed in the spirit of football. During both events players will collect as many footballs as possible to earn and unlock powerful and valuable items in-game.


The Settlers Online:

The football event in The Settlers Online lets players open a door of the football calendar each day during the course of the event. Behind each door, they will find randomised items such as resources and buffs. On select days players will be able to play football adventures. Here the objective will be to defeat the enemy team by using the correct counter-buffs, which can be produced in the provision house, against the enemy’s ability.

Players can use the footballs gathered through the event  to get items such as the new Lucky Explorer or the new level six upgrades for the farm, the stone mason and the marble mason.

In addition to the in-game event, the community is invited to participate in a prediction league and sweepstake where players can win rewards for their accounts. Information about the prediction league, playing rules and the rewards can be found here http://brasil2014.thesettlersonline.com.

More information on The Settlers Online as well as direct access to the game can be found at www.thesettlersonline.com. So far more than 36.000 players already participated but even new players still have the chance to win prizes.

ANNO Online:

In ANNO Online players’ islands will be filled with footballs. They can be used to attain the most valuable event items to-date, including faster sails and larger cargo holds for their ships. Also the new island chest will be very will give players the chance to earn a new island. To bring a football atmosphere onto islands, players will be able to build a stadium to increase their population.

Additionally, players will be able to compare their numbers of earned experience points on the event leaderboards.

More information on ANNO Online as well as direct access to the game can be found at www.anno-online


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