Based on Khaled Hosseini’s international bestselling novel and film, this haunting tale of friendship leaves a lasting impression on anyone it touches.

In 2013 Nottingham Playhouse and Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse pulled off an extraordinary theatrical coup and secured the rights to stage the European premiere of The Kite Runner. The subsequent production was a theatrical tour de force and a massive hit with audiences.

In 2014, The Kite Runner embarks on a UK tour beginning at Nottingham Playhouse-29th August- 6th September.

Nottingham Playhouse Artistic Director Giles Croft says: “I am delighted that following its success in Nottingham and Liverpool that the production will have a longer life. The power and relevance of The Kite Runner doesn’t diminish and I have no doubt that this will prove to be a timeless story.

Giles continued: “It seems to me that it has another profound connection to Britain; as we move towards a complete troop withdrawal from Afghanistan it is good, and important, to be reminded of the Afghans’ own stories and histories. We have inevitably become bound up in the tragedies and politics of this most recent Afghan war and the experiences of Western troops. It is easy to forget that the Afghans are a people with a complex and rich culture, with their own story to tell, and that story won’t stop, or cease to be relevant, when our troops come home.”

For the 2014 UK tour The Kite Runner welcomes two new actors to the original cast.
Bhavin Bhatt will be playing the role of Wali and Andrei Costin will be pulling at our heartstrings as Hassan/ Sohrab.

The full cast for The Kite Runner Tour is-

Ben Turner (Amir)
David Ahmad (Kamal)
Bhavin Bhatt (Wali)
Antony Bunsee (General Taheri)
Emilio Doorgansingh (Baba)
Nicholas Karimi (Assef)
Ezra Khan (Ali)
Nicholas Khan ( Rahim Khan)
Andrei Costin (Hassan/Sohrab)
Lisa Zahra/ Lisa Zahra Jouzakini (Soroya)
Hanif Khan (Mohammad Hanif Dewaka) Tabla player / musician