We are thrilled to announce that a number of the original members of legendary British software house Gremlin Graphics will be attending Play Blackpool on 3-4 May for a presentation, Q&A and signing session.


Gremlin logo used on Amiga games
Gremlin logo used on Amiga games (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Founder Ian Stewart, Shaun Hollingworth, Peter Harrap, Tony Crowther and musician Ben Daglish are all confirmed for the show and we expect that further names will be confirmed prior to the event.


Gremlin Graphics was founded in 1984 by Ian Stewart and the company created many iconic 8 bit games such as the Monty Mole series, Bounder and Thing on a Spring as well as later titles such as Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge, Zool and the Actua Sports titles.


Lotus (series)
Lotus (series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There will be a presentation on the history of Gremlin Graphics followed by a public Q&A session where you can fire your questions at the panel. A number of traders will be present at the show selling Gremlin Graphics posters and merchandise and you can bring along your own games for the signing session.


We will also be showcasing of some of the best loved Gremlin Graphics games and will have a number of tournaments on games released by the studio.



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