Alley Cafe and Serious Gamer Nottingham hosted a pop up gaming venue in the heart of Nottingham which also took part in the GameCity Festival 2013.

Having previously spoken with Tom from Serious Gamer I was informed that he would be teaming up to help host a gaming meet up with James from the Alley Cafe Nottingham which then created the social event GamePad, by what the event takes its name. This was something that we here at ItsMuchMore were interested to have a look at, and especially being fresh from Eurogamer Expo London, Nerd Fest Nottingham, and the other events within GameCity, it was certainly the most logical choice. Head to more gaming goodness!  I saw the lineup of games on display at the GamePad, the layout, and the general gaming awesomeness, so I thought I’d pop in and say hi to the lads and see how everything was going on for them at their special GameCity 2013 event.

Some of the highlights includes the likes of  a Street Fighter tournament taking place where prizes from Insert Coin where given out. Nintendo being a part of setup and so many games in store with the likes of Fifa / Tekken / Mario Kart / Killer Instinct and more. Plus adding to the fact that Friday also had a treat for Virtual Reality fans!

Nintendo Street Pass were booked to be at the OM club in Nottingham to be part of the GamePad from Wednesday and Thursday of their stay. I went along to see what was in store on a number of days throughout the week and the guys had a really good setup with a number of televisions all linked with current and retro consoles. The whole set up brought back some fond memories of the days when ItsMuchMore started out as a multi format gaming clan called UKRockers and helped GameCity on their very first festival in Nottingham, or Retrovision 5 in Frome, Somerset, where we had the same kind of setup, with Xboxs, Gamecubes, PS2s, DSs, PSPs just to name a few, for everyone to enjoy a bit of gaming, and just play around for fun. It was no different here, everyone could come and enjoy themselves, and just game for a bit, there was even a projector displaying the Nintendo Wii U for people to jump in and have a go. For me personally this was one of the few times i’d actually been able to check out the Wii U up close in action and it looked great even on a projector screen.

Having already met and had good conversations with both James from Alley Cafe and Tom from Serious Gamer a few days before Nintendo arrived I then went along to see Street Pass Midlands (Derby) and also have a chat when they were in town as part of the event.

Had a chat with Tony from Street Pass Midlands about his gaming history and also plans for future events after this one and also personal great gaming moments and what games he is playing, I did setup a voice recording of our conversation but for some reason the recording didn’t come out successfully but never fear I am working on the recording to try and repair what I can as it was a very good chat and interview.

Tony’s best moment from the whole GamePad experience was the fact of bringing people together using Nintendo 3DS using Street Pass instead of people playing at home on consoles. Tony feels the Street Pass community is growing and its a breath of fresh air to the whole handheld community, Tony also told me on a personal level that the  best game he saw in action was Super Smash Brothers Brawl which was being played on the Nintendo Wii.

Each and every day I visited GamePad there was a good handful of people there playing each and every game on each of the systems as well as handheld Nintendo DS’s. It was great to see people excited about games and enjoying themselves just playing games and socialising with other people and gamers who are sharing the same interest.

People and gamers young and old where here, and if you wanted something to eat or drink you could buy this at the counter as well as if you wanted to buy new and old games as these where also being sold to keep the gaming momentum going, Everything that you could want was here, food, gaming and good people. When I visited, it was just nice to talk to people excited about the whole experience and proud to host such a good pop up gaming event and just talk about games in general.

All in all it was a great gaming experience for everyone. Its good to actually see people smiling these days, and really enjoying themselves. I was pleased to see everything running smoothly and gives real hope to these guys for any future gaming event.

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