Indie rock band The Fall Of Ego are to release their first single ‘One Of These Days’ ahead of their debut album release ‘World In Disguise’ due out in October.
Leader singer Sven Fredriksson from Nottinghamshire has teamed up with Primal Scream’s own Darrin Mooney (drums) and Barrie Cadogan (lead guitar) to create a sound with powerful drums and energetic guitar riffs which underpin Sven’s stirring vocals, and his songwriting which is resonant with his own life experiences.

This is very evident in the thought provoking and hard hitting video for ‘One Of These Days’

The song is a soaring indie rock anthem that drags the sound of the 90’s British Guitar Band headfirst into the 21st Century.

The free download will be available on Noisetrade from the 24th June as per this link: