Visitors to The Cornerhouse may not be able to bee-lieve their eyes as Nottingham’s number one leisure and entertainment complex is installing a number of bee hives and vegetable patches on the roof of its iconic drum foyer.

Land Securities, who own The Cornerhouse, are putting beehives on all their properties with The Cornerhouse selected as the latest venue. Two hives have been installed on an outside area of the top floor with each hive containing circa 60,000 bees. One hive is already there with the second arriving this week.

To give the bees some plants and flowers to feed on, The Cornerhouse has installed some vegetable patches with any produce grown being donated to a local charity for the homeless.

Suzanne Green, centre manager of The Cornerhouse said:

“The bees have created a lot of excitement on site with the staff, and they are really mesmerising to watch.

Honey bees are really important to our environment. They pollinate 80% of our flowering crops and 70% of our food crops but they have been under great threat over the last six decades and their numbers have dwindled.

“The bees will fly out towards the nearest park areas or the lime trees that line Nottingham’s boulevards and will then produce local honey from local pollen.

“The vegetable patches are also a great addition and will grow cucumbers, courgettes, squash, beetroot, spinach and chard. We can’t wait to see the results.”

It’s hoped the bees will produce 30-60 lbs of honey per hive and this will then be sold to Cornerhouse customers in order to raise money for its chosen charity Mencap.

Suzanne added:

“The bees are outside on the top floor of the foyer next to Simspot/opposite Icon Hair and Beauty so the public can see them flying to and from the hives. Our bees are placid creatures just interested in getting nectar to and from their hive.”

To help us, we have employed a local beekeeper to handle the bees and do some of the garden upkeep, she is also a member of the beekeepers association, with a wealth of experience in keeping the creatures.  Our staff are also getting involved with watering the vegetables too.

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