Senscape is proud to announce that The Case of Charles Dexter Ward – the first game under the license from H. P. Lovecraft, is now available on Steam Greenlight and has reached 20% of it’s initial Kickstarter goal during the first week of the campaign!

Senscape, the team behind the acclaimed horror adventure games Scratches,Serena, and Asylum, has returned from nether gulfs of nightmare to bring you the first officially licensed game based on the legendary works of H. P. Lovecraft. This point-and-click adventure is a faithful and painstakingly researched adaptation of The Case of Charles Dexter Ward — a perennial favourite among hordes of fans and the only novel Lovecraft wrote in his lifetime — which happens to be the first of its kind in the video game industry.

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The Case of Charles Dexter Ward invites you to explore mystery-laden Providence and uncover its enchanting secrets, research ancient history of witchcraft and occultism in shadow-blighted Salem, and sneak into an eerie Pawtuxet farm to meet unspeakable horrors lurking underneath in one of the most memorable sequences in Lovecraft’s oeuvre. Take the role of both the inquisitive Charles Dexter Ward and Dr. Marinus Willett in a race against time to save Providence (and possibly humankind) from the evil warlock Joseph Curwen, who has made a pact with powerful forces of ineffable cosmic hideousness to exert his abhorrent influence across centuries.

From visits to dusty libraries where awaits the hideous Necronomicon, through excursions to nightmarish cemeteries where time-worn bones tell of horrible past events, to sojourns in the old Salem-Village of crumbling gables and clustered gambrel roofs where wizards of yore still prowl, this is a blood-tingling project bound to stimulate the pineal glands of fans of adventure games and supernatural horror alike.

•The most faithful adaption of a story by H. P. Lovecraft
•Take the role of two characters: Charles Dexter Ward and Dr. Marinus Willett
•Enter a thrilling story involving occultism, witchcraft and the mysteries of immortality
•Explore a beautifully recreated Providence, including many of Lovecraft’s favorite locations
•Unlock the secrets of the Necronomicon in a recreation of the book following Lovecraft’s original notes
•A painstakingly researched project with the assistance of the greatest Lovecraft scholar, S. T. Joshi
•Offering around 10 hours of gameplay


The game will be released on Windows, iOS and Linux. Intrigued? Visit the studio official website:, Facebook and Twitter profiles.