Audaciously arriving this month to the Steam Store is “The Marvellous Miss Take” a bold and compelling take on the stealth genre for PC and Mac. A game that will thrill gamers of all kinds with its pickup-n-play ease and ever revealing depth.

A stealth game, a new twist, an honourable motive and a few surprises on the way. See behind the scenes footage of Sophia’s “wits not fists” campaign with the launch of the official game website November 6th

RELEASE DATE : 20th November 2014

Miss Take is a new kind of heroine gearing up for a new kind of crime; the rightful heir to a stolen art fortune she’s determined to take back what is hers. To do so she needs to be cunning, smart and quick in a daring adventure across London’s heavily guarded galleries.

The Marvellous Miss Take is masterpiece of a game developed by Wonderstruck, a small team of ex-Lionhead Studios developers and other industry veterans. Rising Star Games is the marketing partner for The Marvellous Miss Take.