Tanki Online launch new World Cup themed comp

AlternativaPlatform bring the World Cup into the world of Tanki Online. Giving fans the opportunity to support their favourite World Cup team inside their favourite

AlternativaPlatform, one of Russia’s leading developers for massively multiplayer online games are currently giving fans the opportunity to support their favourite World Cup team inside their favourite Tank action browser game!

For a limited time before the biggest tournament in football got underway, 32 new paint jobs were made available in the Tanki Online garage – one for each team competing in the World Cup. Players chose their home teams, or simply the team they thought had the best chance of winning the tournament. AlternativaPlatform will award successful tankers with a massive bonus equal to 50% of all the crystals they have spent between 13th June and 12th July should their team be victorious. Second place will get 30% and third place will get 20%.

Results of the event will be published on 15th July. Follow the World Cup, play Tanki Online, support your team and stock up on equipment to give yourself the best chance of winning a huge bonus!

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