10 Second Ninja X bursting onto consoles and PC

Fed up with platformers which take an age to complete? Levels with save points *midway* through them? Acres of gaming real estate you need to traverse over and over again just to reach the point you were when you last lost a life? Tsssh, that sort of thing should be consigned to history. It’s time to wake up and smell the whatever-this-decade-is-abbreviated-to*. (more…)

By James Jarvis, ago

Review : Zombie Vikings

Zombie Vikings appealed to me mainly because of the aesthetics the game had to offer. How many games do you see in 2015 that look like the creator picked the characters and scenery straight out of your brain when you were aged just 10 years old?! The charmingly delightful cardboard, mishmash, papier-mâché aesthetics had me sold, a nostalgic feeling creeped over me as I started to play. (more…)

By ItsMuchMore, ago


Deep Silver today revealed Resistance Mode for Homefront: The Revolution with the new ‘Freedom Fighters’ gameplay trailer. Resistance Mode is a brand new four-player co-operative online experience included in Homefront: The Revolution, and Xbox One owners can be the first to try it out when the Closed Beta runs exclusively on Xbox One between February 11th and February 14th.  (more…)

By James Jarvis, ago

Review : Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut (PS4)

OK so I am going to be honest, when I was first asked to play Wasteland 2 I had very little knowledge of what to expect and there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of the first Wasteland either. So like any good review I decided to do a little bit of research (after all there was a 45 minute wait to fill whilst my PS4 installed).  (more…)

By Steven Rathmill, ago
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