We return to Minecraft

Are you a fan of Minecraft? We didn’t think we would enjoy it as much as we do. We thought that we were too late to the party, but we are enjoying our time playing it and we have plenty of new videos appearing to our YouTube channel Our most viewed YouTube video happens to be a video of

Play The Council Episode 3: Ripples right now

The stakes continue to rise, and Louis must decide where he stands. Complete Season and Season Pass holders play today, full release on July 26. The third episode of The Council, the narrative adventure game redefining the genre with RPG mechanics and consequences for every choice, releases today for all Complete Season and Season Pass owners. Episode 3: Ripples

Review : Dirt Rally – Xbox One

Do you love the racing games of the last few years, loads of assists, lots of rewind options, literally holding you hand when that light turns green, well get ready for that hand to be let go and your face quite literally pushed in the muddy waters, as Dirt Rally is here, and its no push over, no easy