SNK 40th Anniversary | Nintendo Switch

Milestones are set in stone, achievement measured by success. SNK has soared high and equally endured struggles through the darkness years. 2018, SNK has proudly been beating the drum, with multiple releases even new hardware in the form of the Neo Geo mini! A return to form? We invite you in, to power up and press start, ready to

Firewatch Review (Xbox One)

Welcome to Firewatch ladies and gentleman. Campo Santos thriller / mystery / narrative / walking simulator / adventure / fire watching sim / choose your own adventure / beer can collector / many other things of a game that had such a big buzz behind it that we decided to finally jump into the Xbox One version and have

Review : Nintendo Switch

After the great travesty that was the Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo really had to knock it out of the park with their next console. With another crazy concept, the Switch was born, and it was shaping up to be something quite interesting. Finally getting my hands on one at launch, my first reaction is wow!