Firewatch Review (Xbox One)

Welcome to Firewatch ladies and gentleman. Campo Santos thriller / mystery / narrative / walking simulator / adventure / fire watching sim / choose your own adventure / beer can collector / many other things of a game that had such a big buzz behind it that we decided to finally jump into the Xbox One version and have

Review: Zenith 

Zenith comes from the relatively young game development and distribution company BadLand games, who have been on a bit of roll in recent times, but are something of a niche Anima, Technomancer, Pro Cycling Manager and the dominant WRC series and Farming Simulator ‘17. Zenith came through the Steam Greenlight programme. 

Review : Mack & Mabel

I will be honest, I had not heard of Mack & Mabel until I was invited to see it at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham. I read up on the production beforehand so that I was a little prepared before I went. I was then looking forward to seeing this musical based on the golden era of silent movies,

Dex – Cyberpunk love

Odd as it may sound, I love the atmosphere and style of Cyberpunk. Only I have still yet to play the ‘Cyberpunk’ pen and paper/roleplaying book game created by Mike Pondsmith. The literally father of genre and style of Nior Cyberpunk William Gibson. Many have been heavily influenced by the style and atmosphere notably Ridley Scotts Blade Runner and