Initial Thoughts : Suicide Squad

It was pretty sh*t from scene 1 to the last. The opening was horrible, it felt more like it was advertising an 'Best 100 Rock Tracks' as every scene basically started with a popular rock song, I loved the songs don't get me wrong, but it was so laughable that it was all they could do and the only way to build a scene was play a popular song that would get the feet tapping, and my head was shaking most of the other time. (more…)

By RockerJarvis, ago

Review : Cabin In the Woods

A group of friends get more then what they bargained for in this scary gore fest in a remote cabin that happens to be in the woods. A Scooby doo gang have a different kind of adventure but this time they won’t be unmasking any villains , the story starts with five friends spending time in a cabin in the woods but it was their actions that would control their fate. (more…)

By James Jarvis, ago

Table Top Racing: World Tour is out now! FREE to PS+ subscribers globally, Supercharger Pack DLC unveiled!

Award winning indie developer and publisher Playrise Digital launched micro-combat racer ‘Table Top Racing: World Tour’ on PlayStation®4, free to all PS+ subscribers globally today! In addition to the main launch, Playrise have also confirmed details of the first DLC pack which will be available for £5.79/$8.49/€6.99 from now. (more…)

By James Jarvis, ago

Review : Toast – Theatre Royal Nottingham

  A play written by Richard Bean set in a bakery. Taking my seat in a full house with my Son, there was a background noise of churning and an industrial hum. The set was grubby and the play was within a staff canteen environment. The story delved into a group of Bakers trying to maintain the output of a bakery that they believed to be targeted by management for closure. The workers had formulated a plan to work together to maximise efficiency so that they were able to keep the bakery running without incurring extra cost and a maximum turnover. (more…)

By Nicola Eyre, ago
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