Bring back the millennium fever! With Who Wants To Be A Millennium Millionaire?

Deep Silver today announced the release of the new Who Wants To Be A Millennium Millionaire? Special Edition add-on content. Be it music, movies, or current affairs - with 500 new questions the DLC covers all the topics that attracted interest in the first decade of the new millennium. Do you remember the name of the British probe which failed to land successfully on Mars in 2003? (more…)

By James Jarvis, ago

Review This Week : Slava’s Snowshow

We headed off to the local theatre this week, to witness clowns, snow, festive spirit, and all manner of shenanigans, with the production of Slava’s Snowshow. It should have been spectacular but was it…..   Well read the Slava’s Snowshow Theatre Review to see what we thought   Little Snippet Read more…

By RockerJarvis, ago

AMC cancels The Killing (US) again.

I can understand why, as generally season 3 wasn’t too great in doses, but the overall season from episode to episode i thought generally was excellent. It ones of the most suspenseful TV viewing out there still, however AMC have decided my thoughts alone ( 🙁 ) were not enough, Read more…

By RockerJarvis, ago
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