Ubisoft® today announced that Spartacus: Legends, the free-to-play title based on global hit Starz!® original series is available on the PlayStation Network.

Spartacus: Legends delivers a deep and robust fighting game experience with intense visceral combat, ruthless and varied armor and weapons, eight unique and customizable fight styles, and devastating multiplayer action. Ubisoft’s first-ever, free-to-play title on console, Spartacus: Legends is also available on Xbox Live Arcade

Set during the late Roman Empire, Spartacus: Legends puts players in charge of their own stable of gladiators, with the goal of raising the most powerful house of warriors in all of Capua. Spartacus: Legends allows players to follow in the footsteps of Spartacus as he grows from a mere slave to near mythological status as the Champion of the Capua and Bringer of Rain. Developed by Kung-Fu Factory, Spartacus: Legends will completely immerse players in the glorious world of gladiatorial combat.