Milestones are set in stone, achievement measured by success. SNK has soared high and equally endured struggles through the darkness years. 2018, SNK has proudly been beating the drum, with multiple releases even new hardware in the form of the Neo Geo mini! A return to form? We invite you in, to power up and press start, ready to experience SNK 40th Anniversary Collection. A celebration of its earlier arcade history, earlier than King Of Fighters. 

Who-would-of-thunk-it? 40 impressive years of SNK features 14 classic arcade and console games from the SNKs proud ‘golden age’. SNK has a wide and diverse heritage of pedigree titles to pool from. Never a company for sticking to one genre. Stand out inclusions in the collection included are Ikari Warrior’s, Prehistoric Isle and my personal favourite Street Smart. 

Features: All games can be played in both Japanese or English. Remasters are presently all the rage, upping the base resolution and re-releasing with little to no extras often at a full price. SNK have chosen to add in new mechanics giving each of their classics a new feel to the great gameplay. All the games include the incredibly handy rewind feature, which I found really useful for when I missed a crucial punch on Street Smart. You can also save anytime which is an added bonus, perfect for when you’re on the go. Another feature is the ability to change how many lives you start with as well as the difficulty which is great for both newcomers and experts.

One feature I found myself using a lot was changing the display from landscape to portrait whilst playing  Alpha Mission and TNK III. Another feature that feels as great and welcoming as cool fresh air, the ability to bind buttons and change the controls for all 14 games! Remapping to snappy perfection. In modern days; many have become accustomed to trigger as shoot. If you want to do that, great you can! One downside is Nintendo Switch currently has a lack of a true arcade stick. 

SNK collection also features a museum full of concept art, original advertising/promotional artwork and all of the games soundtracks. The game also contains the complete works of SNK from 1978-1990 which goes into more detail about each games inspiration and design.

A feature I was surprised to see were achievements, admittedly they were only for beating each game but a nice addition nonetheless especially for budding achievement hunter’s.

Presentation: All 14 games are rendered beautifully and crisp. I personally had no framerate issue’s at all, although the game did freeze on a couple of occasions. The various menus are clean and easy to navigate, there is also a slideshow mode in the museum and a zoom option to look at the concept and artworks in more detail. 

This is must own for any fan of SNK or classic arcade games, with its modern features and tight controls. More than manages to capture that classic arcade feeling wonderfully on a handheld device. Further more with the Museum and ability to customize the controls it’s a great starting point for new fans hoping onboard to find out what the fuss is all about. Something for free! SNK have also announced that 11 additional games will joining the SNK 40th Collection as free DLC in the coming months. Some of the games dropping for free soon are Chopper I, Fantasy, Time Soldiers and addictive Beast Busters. Representing great value for money.
Overall SNK 40th Anniversary is a fun and fantastic collection with something for everyone. 

Launch date is 16th November across Europe.

Impression and insight review by Jayce Shaw –

Nintendo Switch.