Marvelous Europe today announces that Japan’s most enticing beat ‘em up game, SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI VERSUS, is available now to download in Europe, Australia and other PAL regions on the PlayStation®Store Download here –

Today also sees the release of the SHINOVI VERSUS ‘Mega’ trailer; a high-octane montage of all four fighting factions found within the game.

The SENRAN KAGURA franchise is renowned in Japan for its intense action, off-the-wall humour and risqué battle sequences, and SHINOVI VERSUS lives up to its reputation on all three fronts. Players are thrust into fast-moving battles; jam-packed with cascading combos and devastating ‘Ninja Art’ special attacks. Sparks and clothes fly as the action unfolds, leaving little to the player’s imagination.

In addition to fast-paced gameplay, players are treated to funny and revealing cut scenes that explain the distinct motives for each faction as well as the personal stories behind each and every shinobi. Fans of the series, which originated on 3DS and has since seen spinoffs including manga comics, anime TV shows, toys and even pillow cases in Japan, can learn more than ever before about their favourite characters, from their often troubled past to their greatest wishes and desires.

On top of the core single-player experience, up to four players can battle online or via ad-hoc connection in creative multiplayer game modes to determine which shinobi is truly superior. All of this action is enhanced by customised outfits and accessories.

SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI VERSUS is developed by Tamsoft together with Marvelous Inc. of Japan for the PS®Vita. Marvelous Europe will publish the title in Europe digitally on the PlayStation Store with an estimated retail price of £24.99 or €29.99. XSEED Games will publish the title in North America, digitally on the PlayStation Store for $39.99 and physically via the limited “Let’s Get Physical” edition with a suggested retail price of $49.99. The title has been rated Mature by the ESRB in North America, 16+ by PEGI in Europe, 16+ by USK in Germany, and M in Australia.

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