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Rugby Union Team Manager 2015 – Gameplay Trailer

Alternative Software has released a new gameplay trailer showcasing in-depth tactics, club facilities and squad management, which are among an array of features available in the world of Rugby Union Team Manager 2015.


·         Official licensed by the world’s biggest leagues and competitions
·         320 of the biggest teams in Rugby Union with over 14,500 players.
·         Full 2D and 3D match engines with real-time interaction with your team
·         Control all staffing, from coaches to assistants, Doctors and Scouts. Top to bottom, you’re in control.
·         Get involved from youth to the first team, at the Gymnasium, Physio Suite, Tactical Briefing Room, Colts and Academy Clubhouse, and improve all of them with upgrades.
·         Discover hidden talents among youth teams and work with agents and scouts to deliver the best players to your club.
·         Work your way up the ladder and lead international teams out in the biggest tournaments in the world.
·         Get closer to the simulation with a fully customised game editor.
·         Up to 4 tiers of domestic promotion and relegation
·         Internationals including World tournaments.
·         Representative Tours
·         Dream Team Challenge

For further information on Alternative Software and other titles, please visit the official website at  www.alternativesoftware.com.

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