hdretrovisionningencable4We love a bit of Retro Gaming here at ItsMuchMore, be in on current day consoles or PC, or pulling out the all the stocks and getting the original consoles out, but as you know, there can be issues with modern TVs trying to get the classic consoles working, well fortunately that’s where crowd funding comes in.

There are so many gems on Kickstarter, without the word of mouth some of them out there can be missed, and here’s another one that may have flew over your radar.

Introducing the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo Component Cable by HD Retrovision.

hdretrovisionningencable3You can visit the Kickstarter Page and have a read through all the details for yourself, to see if this is anything that could help you out in the long run.

Obviously being UK based here at ItsMuchMore, we are used to the Mega Drive over the Genesis, which different connections, but fear not, as stated on the kickstarter page;

We are aiming to make these cables universal, but in the event that becomes infeasible, we will simply have region specific versions for both PAL and NTSC.

Its really down to personal opinion if you feel for the price being asked for single, or both cables, is it worth investing in, will you feel the need to go back for nostalgia purposes and to enhance that original image, or do you think the current state of classic mega packs, or HD re releases quench enough of that retro thirst. Its certainly a interesting item, and I think, looking at the numbers, and the current backers, enough people out there think so too.

Here’s a brief of the actual specific cables on show

We will be offering two versions of the Sega Genesis Component Cable:

hdretrovisionningencable5Sega Genesis 1 with mono audio output – Also compatible with the original Sega Master System (Power Base Model No. 3010-X)

Sega Genesis 2 with stereo audio output – Also compatible with the Sega Nomad, 32X, Genesis 3 (mono only), CDX, and JVC X’Eye

The Super Nintendo Component Cable only works with the original SNES (Model No. SNS-001). There is no out-of-the-box solution available for the SNES 2 (Model No. SNS-101), but our cables might be useable with a hardware modification.

Get pledging if you so wish, and again, have a check for all images, and video details on HD Retrovision Kickstarter page for a bit of a retro nudge in the right direction.