This week we have four new and revisited reviews on the horizon.

Giving the fact that Alien Rage was announced to be coming to consoles sometime this year, what better time that reviewer Kristian Lander, to give its PC version a go. It may look pretty but is Alien Rage worth the play through. Have a read through the full Alien Rage PC Review now.

2013-10-01_00004Also review by Kristian Lander this weeks sees him freerun his way onto the PC version of Mirrors Edge, and what better time to give an updated opinion of the game, considering EA have just announced Mirrors Edge 2 is in the works. I personally enjoyed Mirrors Edge on Xbox 360, all those years ago, but how does its PC counterpart stand still to this day, well read the full Mirrors Edge PC review now.

Our third review comes in the highly anticipated Ratyman Legends. Guest reviewer Jonathan Allison gives his heads up on this crazy colourful platformer. Alot of people have been impressed with Legends, and heres what Jonathan thought. Give the Rayman Legends Xbox 360 Review a read.

UTF8Our final and latest review this week, we head back to the thoughts of Kristian Lander, and this time with the interesting looking Urban Trail Freestyle. This one hasn’t had the marketing that some of these other games have had (but does have some bad press which has angered pre order fans, read review to find out), but how does it hold up. Bearing a ‘Trial’ name in its title, and especially in a stunt bike game could be a help or hinder, or a great marketing ploy, so have a read of our Urban Trial Freestyle PC Review

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