Zombie Vikings appealed to me mainly because of the aesthetics the game had to offer. How many games do you see in 2015 that look like the creator picked the characters and scenery straight out of your brain when you were aged just 10 years old?! The charmingly delightful cardboard, mishmash, papier-mâché aesthetics had me sold, a nostalgic feeling creeped over me as I started to play.

From the moment I picked up the controller, it was clear that the creators were coming from a comedy view point. The characters, reminded me of a lost and found box, all the left overs that no one wanted, pieced together, to create something tacky, wacky and fun, a comical, yet comforting start to the game. The introduction of the game sets the tone for what is about to come, personally I wasn’t rolling off me seat with laughter with what was unfolding in front of me, but then I have a dryer sense of humour, and jokes that have a fart type mentally don’t appeal to me much. But what doesn’t work for me, clearly would work in favour for others.

 So let’s actually get down to the nitty gritty of what the game is like when played. First off you have a selection of four characters to choose from, two male (Hedgy and Seaguard) and two female (Caw-Kaww and Gunborg). I choose to be Seaguard (octopus and beard, what’s not to like?!) and this is where my adventure began. The stupidly flamboyant way in which Seaguard moves, at first had me quite amused, but after a while his movement and mannerisms did start to grate, I just wanted to scream at the creators ‘stop trying so hard to be funny’, after all subtle comedy, I find, is the best. But hey, with each passing chapter you can switch to be one of the other characters. This was a nice effect, as I don’t believe I could have played the whole game without switching, it would have drove me crazy! I would probably suggest playing a little of all the characters, just so you have a bit of variety in you experience and you can find the one that works best for you.

Plodding along with the game, at first, I found that the enemies were very easily defeated, nothing was jumping out at me as I challenge, this I found to be a problem as there was no way that I could change the difficulty either, so the game just became something of get your sword out and slash, not much more substance than that, I initially thought anyways. That however changed as I progressed, I would have probably preferred the screen not to zoom out so much when fighting so I could really emerge myself more but once I found my favourite character (Caw-Kaww – badass, screw you world attitude and pretty damn funny) each chapter the enemies became slightly harder to defeat, which in turn added to the making the game more enjoyable. I have to say the further I got into the game, the more I did like it. Anyone picking up the game for a quick hour or so gaming many not get to appreciate the good story line, strong characters and most of all the great graphics, so if you are going to play this, give yourself time to get a few chapters in before deciding whether or not this game is for you, hey, even get few friends involved, see if you can make it different whilst playing with others!

 Picking out some of the good and bad parts of the game, something I do feel the creators could have worked on was the music. After a while the same music on constant repeat really did start to irate me slightly. Half of the time I had to have it on very low volume or mute as it was just a constant repetitive sound, over and over again, let’s have a bit of variety in there guys! However, something I really like were the loading screens, something simple to add to the game, but instead of looking at something boring, the creators did go all out with beautiful art work. These were a part of the game in which you really could appreciate how well the artists had worked on creating some really beautifully crafted pieces. I would even go as far as saying, these screens would look badass in a frame hung up somewhere in your home.

Overall my experience of playing Zombie Vikings was a pleasant one, I have no doubt that if the creators decide to bring out another game similar to this, I will be playing, whatever it is. It is something completely different from what I usually play and something that you don’t see much of in today’s super intense, realistic graphics, which brings it back to a simpler time, fun old school gaming, making it stand out as unique game with a lot of heart.


Bringing gaming back to a simpler time

Rating 4 stars out of 5

Review by ItsMuchMore guest editor Samantha Watkins