Having played the original White Noise on Xbox 360 indie arcade and a little on the PC I was shocked, surprised and delighted, to see the trailer come out for White Noise 2, as we at ItsMuchMore have been big fans of the original and spent many a dark night screaming at the TV when the screen changed green and the noise went crazy meaning you’d been sighted and the monster is after you. Lets get scared once again here with White Noise 2.

The basic goal of the game is to find and pick up several tapes which are scattered around the map at various landmarks while being hunted by a mysterious monster who fortunately has a weakness to light sources which you as an investigator will use to your advantage. After the collection of the tapes there will be various sigils which need to be destroyed as well as a main artifact that these sigils are protecting. Use flares or flashlights to make your mission that bit more doable, collect all the tapes, destroys the sigils and artifact and you have won the game. Get caught by the monster and depleted of all health, and well, you be dead!
White Noise 2 can be played solo, or much more recommend as a team of up to 4 players online. There is also a fantastic addition this time in White Noise 2 over the original White Noise, where a player can be the monster on the hunt. As the monster, you’ll not just be empty handed running around after your foes, you’ll have your own attacks and abilities, like setting idol traps around the map to show investigators locations or send horror to another player and cause them to lose sanity, in effect making it easier for you to catch an investigator and take down their health. If you happen to hunt and catch the same investigator 3 times they will never be able to escape your grip of death.

Investigators can fight back though, as the monster can be stopped in it’s tracks by an investigator shining their flashlight on it, which will make the monster transport to another section of the map away from them, or investigators can throw a flare that will slow the monster down and cause mobility problems, which will allow investigators to run away and regroup while looking for those darn tape recordings! If you do happen to get caught too many times, or lose all your health, you will die, but you will come back as a ghost. Its actually good playing as a ghost, as you can still be seen by fellow players and help locate tapes (as a specific noise plays when near tapes), and even assist around the map as a ghost by taking down sigils or traps put down by the monster.
In White Noise 2 you have 4 selectable character with multiple outfits to unlock, as well as the original 6 characters from White Noise to unlock when you get to the required ranks. Each character will have difference ‘abilities’ as such, with the likes of speed, bravery or battery management skills just to name a few, which is well worth keeping an eye on, especially in a team of 4 investigators so you can plan your success to its best.

As you can now play as the monster, you can also choose from 3 different creatures to play as once all fully unlocked, 2 new creatures and the original creature from White Noise ‘subject 23’. Monsters also have difference weakness or strengths, for example, you might have very high speed or perception, but low light resistance or strength. Again something that needs to be considered if you are stepping to the dark side and choosing to play as one of the 3 monsters.
As mentioned the way to win is to collect tapes from interest points, and then banish the monster from this earth, as well as your whitts, torches are your key to survival as an investigator, and when we say that, we do not just mean against the monster shining the light in its face, we also mean helping you find your way around the map, and helping other players find each other in case someone goes walk abouts. Whenever we play online, its always good to flash your light on and off in case you are lost, and normally players will rally round you, so you can continue your investigation together as a team.

Again another nice touch this time in White Noise 2, over it’s original is that you can unlock different torches, in fact there are currently 12 different torches within the Early Access to unlock through level rank progression, and each will also have different stats, with the likes of higher range or distance for the light, the spread of light around the screen or duration of battery life (if this runs out, there are batteries around the map which you can pick up and recharge you torch). This is just a few of the stats that each torch will have, so depending on your playing skills, then certainly upgrade, and choose wisely.
One aspect that has been kept from the original White Noise is the ending sequence if the monster catches and kills every investogator. Its a nice little ending screen which shows the whole map and all the trails of where each player walked and where the monster travelled, aswell as any times you were caught, sighted or killed. Its just a nice little fun insight seeing where you met your dimise, and where your bloody team was not helping you out!

What we have to remember here is that White Noise 2 is still in Steam Early Access, which considering how solid already the game play is and how nice the game looks compared to the original (which still looks good) is quite an impressive feat from developers MilkStone studios. Within this early access there are 3 maps to choose from, an Abbey, a hospital, and a Prairie, aswell as the aforementioned 10 investigators and 3 creatures once all unlocked. I would highly recommend giving this indie title a go, you might feel it’s sounds like a Slenderman clone, but that will be disrespectful to the series, trust us, there is a lot more than meets the eye here, just make sure you have some spare batteries…. and possibly some spare underwear!