After years waiting for this to gallop its way to Nottingham’s Royal Concert Hall, the time has finally come.

The National Theatre’s production of War Horse has arrived, which tells a story of a young teenager called Albert (Thomas Dennis) and his pride and joy horse, Joey.

World War 1 had just broke out and people were being called up to serve for their country however horses were also required, this forced Albert and Joey to part ways as Albert’s father (Gwilym Lloyd) sold the horse to the British cavalry.

Alert would stop at nothing to be reunited with his beloved horse Joey, and to bring him back home but this wasn’t an easy battle.

War Horse was truly spectacular, I haven’t read the book nor seen the movie all I had was the name War Horse to go by, so I guess that it would have been about a horse going to war. Yes which it was about but it was so much more than that, it was emotional and powerful with outstanding use of puppeteers controlling the horses, birds and The Goose (Who was quite funny which the crowd seemed to enjoy).

Booking for War Horse have taken a several years and within that time the Royal Concert Hall Nottingham has had a refurbishment so walking into the Concert Hall itself was breathtaking let alone the marvel that I saw on stage.

I thought with everything going on controlling these incredible works of art, that there would have been so much noise going on behind the scenes backstage, with the crew getting everything ready and in place for the next scene however, that wasn’t the case. Moving from scene to scene seamlessly with smoke effects, lighting and the visual screen display working hand in hand to make for an amazing performance and really setting the scene to make you feel like you were there in the French battlefields or the English countryside. With a soft and heart-felt vocal performance from Bob Fox (Song Man) that set the mood and all senses were now taken care of.

Each and every member of the cast and crew gave it their all, from controlling the horses and keeping their bodies in position to make the magic come to life for the audience, at times I forgot that they were controlling the horses, the movement was so lifelike and even the noises being made it felt like we had powerful real life horses on the stage – what a wonder.

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War Horse was well worth the wait and you must go and see it, what a powerful performance, the sold out Royal Concert Hall Nottingham gave the cast a standing ovation.

Special Mentions:

– Thomas Dennis was outstanding for his role of Alert.

– Each and every person who was part of the production should truly be proud of themselves as it was a work of art and can’t speak anymore highly about what I’ve just witnessed.

What an extraordinary journey we were all taken on – thank you!