Upon first looks, a sense of nostalgia kicks in, it has a similar look to the original Wipeout on Playstation.

Install is simple and easy, a small download, 2353mb to be exact, didn’t take long to download and set up.

Upon playing, the start up menu works only with WASD, not mouse or up, down, left right, which is different, imminently launching into game, it seems quite fluid, space bar as “use” launching into a circuit game, WSAD are forward, brake, left and right, quite simple really, when you get a pick up you press spacebar to launch whichever one you have on.

Into the game itself, firstly before you get to see a track you can customise your ride, which is pretty cool, simple things like control, top speed and acceleration, simple things but they all help, and then choose your colours (of course I had to go for black and purple, nothing is cooler!!) and off you go.

The game launches like most other games, showing you the competition, which obviously you are going to beat on your first game!!! Or so you think.

Once you get going, you do find that it is a bit too sensitive to your left and right, throwing you around the 360 track a little too easy at times, and not able to hold a straight line, but once you are used to it, it works well. The slightest movement giving you a bound to the left or the right and of course the more you upgrade your vehicle the easier it becomes.

You can take damage by hitting the barriers, obstacles or other players, so be careful, and many of the boosts help to put it into a great little game.

After a few games it does become a bit addictive, and one game can become many.

Once you are 2 or 3 games in, it starts to come more alive, as you will find yourself simply passing others due to upgrades or a new ship, and you will be used to the controls too, which always helps.

Unfortunately when trying to play multiplayer I spent a long time waiting and no one else connected, which is a shame.

The graphics do this game justice, and the music helps the atmosphere of it all.

Overall a really good play, if you want to kick back and have a laugh.

Good points: Nostalgic, Simple to play, music suits the game play, good for a quick few games

Not so good points: Sounds not customisable, no sensitivity tweaking, multiplayer doesn’t seem to have any players.

Platform – PC (Steam)

Genre – Retro/indie/racing

Price – £3.99

In-game Music style – retro electric