Dermot McLaughlin brings Tim Luscombe’s adaptation of Turn of the Screw to life at Nottingham’s Theatre Royal.

The gothic drama starring Janet Dibley as the Governess tells the story of a wealthy uncle left in charge of his young nephew and niece, with little interest in being their carer he hires a governess to take over the duties and disappears, asking not to be contacted.
A young woman desperate to prove her worth to the handsome bachelor, the governess takes her role very seriously…that is until things turn dark.

Convinced she sees hauntings, she confides in domestic help Mrs Grose (Maggie McCarthy). Far from being the voice of reason, Mrs Grose whips up the hype, certain that the Governess is being visited by the spirits of dead former employees. 

Now the Governess must decide whether to contact her aloof employer – frightened that she will be seen as a failure – or stay and fight, protecting the children in her care.
With jump scares galore and a chilling atmosphere, Turn of the Screw really gets your heart pumping. The relationship the Governess has with the young children is disturbing and at times uncomfortable…but that just adds to the haunting feeling…it leaves you confused and questioning what is going on!

The set is mysterious with little movement, creating a scary effect as it plays with your imagination. 
Catch Turn of the Screw whilst it’s still on…but be prepared for a scare!
Sleep tight!