Toki Tori, there’s something clucky and catchy to this quirky sounding name! Toki Tori comes to English from the Japanese literally as Chicken Bird. Originally published way back in 2001 by Capcom, developed by the Dutch team, Two Tribes. Toki Tori has seen successful releases across a great number of platforms, now returning with a release mid-Easter 2018 to Nintendo’s take anywhere console the Switch. Toki Tori owes its DNA lineage as a game to the MSX classic Eggbert, from where a number of the developers stuck close with their winning puzzler platformer formula to form Two Tribes.


Gameplay is simple and addictive, easy to get to grip with mechanics. The concept of collecting a number of eggs scattered across a level, using a number of tools and abilities granted at the beginning of each stage. Gameplay appears on initial impression reminiscent of a 2d platformer! Then throws its first curveball your way, egg-shaped chicken bird has no jump! You can traverse each of the games tricky stages, by climbing ladders, placing bridges and teleporting around obstacles and enemies. As you unlock and complete stages, you are also granted use of specific abilities to accomplish the task of egg collecting. These abilities include the ice beam, ghost trap, slug sucker and InstantRock! Trial and error plays a big part of each stage. Finding you’ve collected all but one of the eggs. Thankfully a quick nifty rewind feature can take you back a few seconds or all the way back to the beginning of the stage.



Conclusion: Toki Tori is a casual pick up and play title by its nature, one that will have you intensely invested in the completion of each of its stages. ‘Let me just complete one more stage’.

Loaded into Toki Tori are a number of worlds, famous throughout the releases. Forest Falls, Creepy Castle, Slime Sewers and the uber-tough Bubble Barrage. Over 80 stages, will keep you entertained for hours. Made up of normal, hard and bonus levels. Currently, capturing eggs on the hard stages of Slime Sewers. Earlier stages there may have been multiple ways to solve a stage, now though it is very specific only one way to complete. Scratching my head and rewinding frequently, trying multiple ways. Then to be rewarded with the joy of solving a toughie is an unrivaled feeling. One popular aspect is found to be missing in the modern era, is the ability to create and share your own levels. Gamers familiar with the earlier releases won’t find much different here, other than the tweaked graphical overhaul. Love of nostalgia runs deep and there is fun to be had, those new to the series will find a satisfying puzzler platformer with charm and challenge.

Final verdict: 7/10 Its cutesy appearance, hides a challenging title, that can have you hooked anywhere you choose to play.